Tournament CAPvergence - Won by Darek


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Brambane vs Darek
Darek vs D2TheW
Brambane vs D2TheW

Finals deadline is Monday, May 1st at 10:00 am EDT (GMT-4), or whenever I remember to close it. Replays are required, glhf!

The challenge code is below:
/challenge gen9anythinggoes@@@standardoms,sleepclausemod,convergencelegality,!obtainableabilities,-miraidon,-koraidon,-slaking,-flutter mane, -iron bundle, -cyclizar,-arena Trap,-shadow tag,-comatose,-moody,-pure power,-imposter,-shell smash,-spore,-baton pass,-last respects,-revival blessing, -damp rock, -dondozo, -speed boost, -kings rock, -palafin, -rage fist, -extreme speed, -transform, -chi-yu, -iron hands,+CAP,-Crucibellite,-Dragapult,-Persistent,-Walking Wake,-Heat Rock
If everyone goes 1-1 I will use !pick to decide the winner please don’t make me do this
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