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Quality Control Carkol [QC: 0/2]

name: Defensive Utility
move 1: Spikes / Stealth Rock
move 2: Flamethrower
move 3: Stone Edge
move 4: Rapid Spin
item: Eviolite
ability: Flame Body
nature: Relaxed
evs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD

Being one of the few to have the always appreciated Rapid Spin as well as access to both Spikes and Stealth Rock backed with decent defensive stats thanks to Eviolite are all wonderful traits, however Carkol suffers from a horrendous defensive typing with no recovery options since it is forced to run Eviolite. Furthermore, Carkol's competitors (whether they are hazard setters or spinners) such as Mawile, Stunfisk, Mr. Rime, or Hitmontop severely outclass it with either better defensive typings and team support options, key immunities and better stats, or being able to offensively pressure teams which will ensure Rapid Spin more safely. On top of this, Carkol is a spinner who is weak to all forms of hazards. However, Carkol being the only viable hazard setter who at least has access to remove opposing hazards, defensive capabilities with abusing Flame Body vs physical attackers such as Silvally-Bug and Mawile, and a nice offensive typing to threaten weaker defensive mons such as Mr. Rime and once again Silvally-Bug and Mawile, are all notable characteristics worth mentioning. Stone Edge is a great option here so Carkol can 2HKO Vespiquen and Mr. Rime, since both are able to remove Carkol's previously set hazards and do not fear the the Flame Body chance too much. Stone Edge is also able to further threaten the likes of Silvally-Bug and Glaceon, being able to 2HKO both of these two after very minimal chip damage or from hazards. Flamethrower is essential for threatening physdef Mawile, Pawniard, and Gourgeist-Super for the 2HKO or the forced recovery plays. Stealth Rock and Spikes are interchangeable, however Carkol isn't offensive enough to punish all forms of hazards control, so Stealth Rock is more reliable.

Carkol enjoys playing on Bulky Offense or Balance builds with teammates who can cover Carkol's crippling Water and Ground weaknesses, as well as provide additional hazard removal support in order to overall extend Carkol's defensive capabilities as much as possible. Because of this, defensive partners such as Shiinotic or Roselia, as well as offensive hazard removal such as Mr. Rime, Silvally-Psychic and Hitmontop make excellent partners. Shiinotic and Roselia are able to comfortably resist Carkol's Water, Ground, and Fighting weaknesses as well as the former can absorb a Knock off and provide Leech Seed support to try and grant Carkol some recovery, whereas the latter can absorb Toxic Spikes. Shiinotic or Roselia also appreciate Carkol's efforts in being able to stave off Fire type attacks from the likes of Manectric and Silvally-Bug with ease, allowing either of those two their greatest chances of defensive success. Mr. Rime and Silvally-Psychic are wonderful partners for Carkol because not only can they remove pesky hazards in tandem with Carkol, but they both offensively threaten the Fighting types who Carkol can only pray it gets a burn on them such as Grapploct or Hitmontop, not to mention Mr. Rime is also able to Freeze Dry past the walls who Carkol cannot threaten at all, such as Palpitoad and Vibrava, whilst also appreciating Carkol's fire resist and additional hazard setting residual chip damage. Hitmontop is another option for great hazard removal pairings because it is able to threaten opposing Fighting types with the likes of Technician-boosted Aerial Ace as well as provide a Rock resist for Carkol, whereas Carkol provides a key Bug and Flying resist from the likes of Silvally-Bug or Vespiquen.

- Written by: [bagoftrixx]
- Quality checked by: [[username1, userid1], [username2, userid2]]
- Grammar checked by: [[username1, userid1]]
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