I really love cats. I've had two of my three cats for over ten years, and the most recent one my family got was one my sister had found as a kitten when my "aunt" (she isn't part of my family, she's just known my family since before I was born) took her with her when she was getting a new car, and she's still kitten sized despite being 22 months old now. I'll post pics when I get home.
I own a small kitty that got rejected by its mom, my issue with the kitty is that it performs something called Self suckling.

Every time i pet him, he just flips over and starts sucking its own nipples, his belly is always wet and if i try to stop him from trying to suck his non existent nipples he gets angry and tries again, i thought its his way for saying : "hey, you dont let me suck you so i suck you my own nipples " but it turns out its much more complicated than that, i let it have all the milk in the world, i even feed it some soft cat food, but still it will come up to me and start trying to breastfeed him self, i thought it was kinda funny at first but now im kinda sicked of it.

Im thinking about putting some shampoo on his all wet from saliva belly, but im afraid poisoning him.
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well uhh.. itd be awkward if i didnt post about it now

When I picked my brother up from cricket on tuesday he told me there were 2 stray kittens hiding under shipping containers behind the club room. Apparently they'd been there for a couple of days and nobody had seen a mum or any other cats around. That arvo I lured one of them out with some mince, but the other wouldnt budge. I decided to leave and took that one home with me for the night, and it is really sociable and cute! It sat on my lap for most of the night, then it slept on the end of my bed when I went to sleep. It kept me up all night crawling over me and licking my ear and stuff, but a really nice cat for a stray

The day after I went down with my sister to try catch the other one. It looks really similar to the other one, but is way more wily. When i finally lured it out and picked it up (took 30 minutes) it scratched the hell out of my hands so I had to seal it in a cardboard box for the car trip home. Since I got it home I set it up a bed that it hasnt really budged from except to eat / drink. It looks reasonably happy, so I'm letting it relax and gonna wait for it to come to me naturally before trying to pet / worm it.

Unfortunately dont think I'll keep either; I've had my cat for 18 years now, and he unfortunately has a couple of health problems, so I dont want to stress him out with 2 kittens running around the house and generally winding him up . Got a couple of people interested in potentially adopting them that are trustworthy, but if worse comes to worse they shouldnt have any trouble getting adopted out from the vet considering how young they still are (12 weeks max from the looks of it). Unfortunate really considering I'm really partial to the first one I picked up =/

Bonus: My cat. Hes pretty chill.


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I'm seriously worried for the health of my cat. She's morbidly obese and her stomach is almost touching the ground. She's still active like a cat, she runs fast and jumps around and licks herself. But weighing that much can't be good for her...
So how do people cope with not being able to have a cat? I mean I watch cat youtube videos and what not, but sometimes it can be really difficult. It's like loving someone and not being able to be near them, only in this case it's a type of animal. I think I may be strange.
So how do people cope with not being able to have a cat? I mean I watch cat youtube videos and what not, but sometimes it can be really difficult. It's like loving someone and not being able to be near them, only in this case it's a type of animal. I think I may be strange.
Whenever I visit my friends that have cats I always play with their kitties, lol. I also sometimes draw pictures of cats, or meow.
I wish I had a cat. But, our family has had 7 in the past. The first 2 passed away 3 years ago. I miss them dearly. The other 2 were abandoned in our front yard at 3 weeks old. We took them in but we discovered the possible reason why they were abandoned: they were sick with a disease. I bought one from the local newspaper ad but it turned out that it was also sick with a disease and I couldn't afford (nor my parents) the operation...and again another put down. It wasn't curable so we had to put them down ;-;. Then the other 2 we adopted got lost or stolen. So after that we decided no more cats. u_u
However, I love cats and would love to own a few after graduating and moving into my own place <3
Now I dont have any pictures of my cat, and I can't take any because it died in later 2016. But I can share some stories about that cat.

To start off with, I went with my dad to get a cat from some sort of shelter, I was about 4 at the time. The cat was all black, one of those skinny tabbys right, with just a single whitespot on her back leg. Nobody could've predicted that this cat was a survival expert. She was a smart cat, we had a dog that liked to rough house with her, she never drew her claws on that dog though she could've seriously fucked it up, rather she fled to the top of the fridge. That would be her domain for a couple years. Eventually, the winter came, and it was a cold Canadian winter. One day, this cat just up and disappears, we wondered where that cat went and after a couple months we just presumed it died out in the cold.

Turns out we were wrong. The cat came back, and it boggles my mind how it happened. Either my cat went on some sort of spirit journey in the wilderness, or was just getting mad high off catnip at some crazy cat womans house for a couple months, also a spiritual journey in its own right. I believe this experience cemented my cats status as a certified badass. That cat killed everything; rabbits, squirrels, birds, even a bat one time. I recall cutting the lawn and looking under my trampoline and seeing the mangled carcass of a rabbit. My cat was a class act. One time my dad joked about this panther we saw once in a zoo, saying that it was the mentor of our house cat.

On top of being able to survive in blistering cold for a couple months and being a masterful hunter, this cat was also a graceful acrobat and a creepy staker. It managed to jump onto the roof of our house back in its spry younger days, and I'd imagine onto the top of other people's houses. Now, as for the creepy stalker part, I'd be walking my dog around town, or my parents would be. But anywhere we went, that cat was in tow, following us. I have no idea why that cat did it, maybe it was just making sure some other predator didn't get us while we were out.

Finally, my cat hosted fight club. It wasn't a rarity to hear the howls of cats about to square off in my house. My cat would be outside, and all of a sudden its just a couple seconds of screeching and then silence. Its presumed that my cat fucked up all of its contenders, because it was always scratchless. Cats used to stop by our house randomly, but mine showed them the what for.

Unfortunately, being the ultimate avatar of badassery couldn't save my cat from mortal concerns. It became sick with feline stomatitis near the end of last year, if you don't know what that is, its an infection in the opening of a cats mouth where the teeth come through. It drooled blood, and wouldn't eat, became quite dissheveled, and the backroom where it lived became quite putrid smelling. My parents had just barely been sustaining the cats life with food and water at that point because it was a huge asshole, pissing and vomiting on whatever. Suffice it to say, they put the cat down.

I gotta say, I fucking miss that cat.

rip miss kitty


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i have acquired 2 additional cats, in case 1 goes down. here is a pic of one, he looks like my other cat only grey instead of black. ill post pics of others later.

This cat, puma, has many highly sought after cattributes such as cold fusion purring (i.e 1 pet= 10 minutes of purr), leaping, precision catching, plays well with other cats, and articulates their needs well (for example, if they want to tell you to scratch their face, they will reach up and scratch your face to let you know). He's also a mad chiller who will basically let you pet him and move him around as much as u want. if you start playing with him though, he'll be upset at u for 10 mins when u stop.

the other new cat, nico, is a neurotic hider. All long-time cat owners are familiar with this classic cat archetype which will often come out of wherever they are hiding and surprise everyone with the grace of their presence. My cat likes to hide in beds, closets, and in cabinets where pots and pans are kept. As he is a white colored cat he likes to hide in white places where he can blend in.

he came out while i was posting so i got a pic of him:

puma playing with the original cat,cosima/ cazima

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my last cat (first one in my previous post) who lived till about 20 died ~2 years ago but after much deliberation i've finally adopted two new ones, pic related.

the one closest to the bookshelf is called nash and the one looking at the camera is named atlas. they're both incredibly social not to mention healthy kittens who are good with people thanks to their 2 or so months of foster care and love to play. atlas has tended to be more outgoing and curious so far but nash is great as well. it didn't take us too long to pick them out, in fact we only started taking the initiative to adopt a new cat a couple weeks ago but we're satisfied with the end result nonetheless.

A few month old picture of my 3-legged cat Skylar. She started out as just a random cat that ran around our neighborhood, but now she chills on our deck (which is more of a room with mesh windows) Also I'm allergic so when I play with her I have to take a shower D: s/o Pilo for showing me this thread existed :3


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I love talking about and showing off my cat here's a bunch of my favorite pictures of her

most of them are taken by my gf cause she likes taking pictures of cats. my cat's name is bean and she's a little over 2 years old now. she's a super cuddly little thing that likes just about anyone. she's probably the best cat in the world

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