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As far as I'm aware, most forums (particularly those on/once on VBulletin) utilize the in-built Chatbox feature. Is there one for Smogon on the XenForo software, and if there is, can it be implemented? It would be a great way to pass time, and socialize/meet with other members.

I know that Smogon has a massive userbase (for lack of being able to call it a playerbase), so some restrictions could be implemented, E.G over 100 posts, account at least two months old, maybe even must have a badge.

Anyone else?
We already have IRC as a sort of chatbox which can easily be reached from within browser via Mibbit. We are also discussing the viability of integrating it into the website itself via a widget but I wouldn't hold out for that just yet.


I do not recall. I do not recall.
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Chippy2001 The Pokemon Showdown and Smogon communities don't overlap much besides people of rank, and even then some of the higher ranked individuals (@ & ~) only post on the forums if they absolutely have to (discipline appeals or super duper secret staff discussions). Showdown is not the place for socializing with Smogonites, IRC is.
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