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  • Has good bulk
  • Has good resistances, allowing it to counter Drilbur
  • Has common weaknesses to Flying-, Fire-, Bug-, and Ice-types
  • Has a good ability granting it immunities to Shadow Ball and Sludge Bomb
  • Is pretty weak, making it set-up bait for Bulk Up Timburr and Calm Mind Spritzee
  • Has Spikes and reliable recovery
  • Faces competition from the many other common Grass-types in the tier, such as Ferroseed, Pumpkaboo, and that "Foongus" thing, making it very overlooked.

Spikes Support
name: Spikes Support
move 1: Spikes
move 2: Synthesis
move 3: Seed Bomb
move 4: Drain Punch / Low Sweep / Rock Tomb
ability: Bulletproof
item: Eviolite
evs: 68 HP / 28 Atk / 156 Def / 236 SpD
nature: Impish


  • Spikes allows Chepsin to support the team by racking up hazard damage and softening checks.
  • Synthesis keeps Chepsin healthy throughout the match, and allows Chespin to repeatedly set up Spikes and pivot throughout the match. However, it only has 8 PP, which means that Chespin will struggle to remain healthy late game.
  • Seed Bomb is Chespin's STAB of choice, and it allows it to kill the premier Rapid Spinners of Staryu and Drilbur.
  • Drain Punch is used to kill Pawniards, but needs 108 Atk EVs to OHKO Pawniards.
  • Low Sweep gives pawniard an attack boost if it switches in on it, but it slows down switch ins, which includes Pawniard.
  • Rock Tomb is weaker than Low Sweep but has the benefit of being able to smack Fletchling on the switch and slow it down for a teammate to better take it on.
  • They all have benefits that differ, and are all viable to use on Chespin.

Set Details

  • Defensive EVs hit Eviolite numbers, and attains maximum bulk.
  • An Impish nature, alongside the investment, allows Chespin to be a great physical pivot and wall.
  • The 28 Atk EVs provide a minor boost to its Attack stat, which could be helpful.
  • Eviolite is preferred over Berry Juice because Chespin has access to Synthesis, making the defensive boost much more desirable.
  • Bulletproof allows Chespin to wall Gastly and become a great Foongus switch-in, easily making it the preferred ability.

Usage Tips

  • Chespin resists the Ground-type, allowing it to distinguish a niche over other common Spikes setters, namely Ferroseed and Trubbish. Chespin is also a great pivot wth the ability to come in on both Mienfoo and Drllbur, while Foongus can only come in on the former.
  • Chespin can also come in on Bellsprout and make it set up bait for Chespin to stack Spikes.
  • Do not try to set up Spikes all at once, rather, you should do so gradually throughout the progression of the battle.
  • Synthesis has a mere 8 PP, making it hard for Chespin to remain healthy throughout the battle.

Team Options

  • Pokemon like Chinchou and Magnemite are good teammates because they appreciate Chespin's ability to wall Drilbur and Mienfoo. Chinchou stands out as a teammate because it has access to Heal Bell, which keeps Chespin healthy throughout the battle, and both Chinchou and Magnemite can pivot into Chespin with Volt Switch.
  • Pawniard can prevent Defoggers from removing Chespin's hazards thanks to Defiant, while Pawniard appreciates Chespin's ability to handle Mienfoo and Drilbur.
  • Tirtouga has great Synergy with Chespin, and also appreciates Chespin's ability to handle Mienfoo and Drilbur. Tirtouga also has access to Stealth Rock to create more entry hazard damage.
  • Frillish also has great synergy with Chespin, and it can prevent Rapid Spinners from accomplishing their job. Gastly and Drifloon can also do this, but they are much less reliable due to their frailty and lack of reliable recovery.
  • Ponyta is a good teammate for Chespin because it forms part of an FWG core with it, and scares Fletchling out due to its fear of becoming burnt. Ponyta can also increase Chespin's health regain from Synthesis by using Sunny Day. Chespin also counters Drilbur, which Ponyta appreciates. Archen deals with both Chespin and Ponyta, however.
  • Spritzee is a good teammate for Chespin because it can probide Aromatherapy and Wish support, while Chespin has the ability to switch into Gastly and Bellsprout.

Bulk Up
name: Bulk Up
move 1: Bulk Up
move 2: Synthesis
move 3: Seed Bomb
move 4: Rock Slide
ability: Bulletproof
item: Eviolite
evs: 228 HP / 28 Atk / 236 SpD
nature: Impish


  • Bulk Up allows Chespin to become a good win condition for stall teams
  • Synthesis keeps Chespin healthy while it sets up Bulk Up
  • Seed Bomb is a good STAB to use
  • Rock Slide allows Chespin to kill Fletchling coming in after a Bulk Up, because Fletchling cannot kill Chespin after it has set up.

Set Details

  • 228 HP and 236 HP maximize Chespin's specially defensive capabilities, and an Impish nature allows Chespin to hit Eviolite numbers. More physical bulk is not needed for this set in particular because Bulk Up is increasing its physical bulk.
  • Eviolite is used to allow Chespin to take more hits while setting up.
  • Bulletproof is the suggested ability because it allows Chespin to come in on many Pokemon, including Foongus without Clear Smog and Gastly, in order to set up.

Usage Tips

  • Switch Chespin into things it walls, such as Drilbur, Gastly and Bellsprout
  • Set up Bulk Up as they swtch to their counter
  • You can also use one of Chespin's attacks, Seed Bomb or Rock Slide, as they switch. If you do so, the move you would probably want to use is Rock Slide, as it hits many of Chespin's checks for decent damage.
  • With Chespin's access to reliable recovery, it can come in repeatedly throughout the battle and try to set up repeatedly

Other Options

  • Chespin also has Wood Hammer, which has much more power. Chespin can also heal the damage off with Synthesis.
  • Chespin also has access to Swords Dance, but it is much too slow to take full advanatge of this move.
  • Roar can be used to rack up hazard damage, and prevent Pokemon like Timburr and Spritzee from setting up on it.
  • Stone Edge has more power than Rock Slide, but it has much less accuracy. The power is also not substantial enough to warrant a spot over Rock Slide.
  • Aerial Ace allows Chepsin to hit opposing Grass- and Fighting-types, while Poison Jab allows Chespin to also hit Grass-types, as well as Fairy-types, but misses Pumpkaboo, Foongus, and Ferroseed, three very common Grass-types.
  • Leech Seed can be used to drain the target's HP, but Synthesis is much more reliable.
  • Toxic can be used to hurt defensive Pokemon and putting other Pokemon on timers to do their job.

Checks & Counters

**Fying-types**: Fletching, Doduo, and Archen all don't take much damage from Chespin's STAB, allowing them to come in with ease and threaten it out. This allows Fletchling to gain momentum by using U-turn. However, if Chespin has set up a Bulk Up, Fletchling cannot OHKO Chespin using Acrobatics.

**Steel-Types**: Steel-types such as Pawniard, Ferroseed , and Honedge wall Chespin, which renders it set up fodder. However, many Steel-types do not like Chespin carrying Drain Punch or Low Sweep because they prevent them from setting up on it, but Honedge walls Chespin regardless of Drain Punch. Chespin can use Leech Seed on every Steel-type, aside from Ferroseed.

**Super Effective Hits**: STAB moves from Fletchling, Ponyta, and Snover can dent Chespin. However, Chespin can hit all of these with Rock Slide or Rock Tomb, but it should not be staying in on any of these Pokemon. While Chespin's ability grants it an immunity to Sludge Bomb, it is important to note that there are other Poison-type moves commonly used. For instance, Trubbish and Pancham both use Gunk Shot, while Skrelp utilizes Sludge Wave due to it preferring power over the secondary effect. There are other examples to this, such as Poison Jab Timburr, as well.

**Grass-types**: While Cottonee, Ferroseed, Foongus, Pumpkaboo, and opposing Chespin cannot do anything to Chespin, bar Pumpkaboo and Foongus who can use Will-O-Wisp and Clear Smog respectively, Chespin also cannot do anything to them. They resist Chespin's STAB, are immune to Leech Seed, and do not take much, if anything, from Rock Slide. This creates a sort of stalemate, but Chepsin can abuse this opportunity by setting up either Spikes or Bulk Up.

NOTE: Will get the Bulk Up set in the analysis when I wake up!
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im p sure you need 108 atk evs to ohko standard eviopawn w/ drain punch, you should mention that
also you should mention it walls bellsprout imo
mention synths low pp means it may hve trouble staying healthy towards the end of the match
pony makes a good team member imo with sunny day boosting chespins synthesiseseses and forming part of fwg core as well as scaring out fletch and pin covering ponys dril weakness but offensive arch beats both of them
wood hammer is also def an option if you want to go for power since pin cn recover recoil damage with synthesis
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