Metagame Chimera 1v1

Just adding my thoughts to the ban conversation.

I kinda think you need to avoid banning anything. Almost every ban you implement is going to result primarily from the fact that players struggle to team build in this metagame. There is of course a time and place for bans, huge power and wonderguard, for example, should never be allowed. However, almost everything else has a reliable counter, if you can only manage to make a team built for it and wait for players to adapt.

Most players run around with 1-2 different strategies at most, and so of course they're going to struggle vs superior offence or stall when all they have is their gorilla tactics, choice band attack, or water bubble, water spout. Why not encourage players to incorporate things like magic guard, teravolt, sturdy, water absorb, protect, klutz, toxic, encore, and so on to overcome particularly annoying strategies like trick, hyper-stall or uber offence?

That's the spirit of a game mode like this. The entire game mode is about team building, and very little about skill. By the time you've selected your mon on preview, most of the game is decided. You can't avoid having OP strategies rise to dominance, and each time you remove something, you are weakening the game mode. In a 1v1 format, you just need to accept that some strategies aren't viable and that some games aren't winnable. You can't avoid that, and it's senseless to ban a single strategy when the meta can easily just adapt to overcome it, usually just with a single compromise to incorporate an ability, like klutz or teravolt. Sure, it might make your team less viable against other strategies, but that's just what team building is about, that's what a 1v1 format does. It's when a combination of strategies provide an unbeatable team (Winning against teams that are designed to counter it) that you need to start banning things.

You have to just accept that players need to be proactive with their team building. People who dislike spending a long time team building, or hate playing against busted strategies and can't adapt, probably shouldn't be playing a meta that is designed around the idea of extensive team building and busted, uber/hackmons strategies.

Any Chimera 1v1 team should fit atleast 3 viable strategies, ranging from hyper offence to stall, to gimmics. And every team requires some serious planning beforehand. If your one-trick pony team got beat by stall or hyper offence, and you don't even try a new team to counter that, that's kinda just your fault. If you specifically attempt to build and counter that team, verse that team again and still find you can't beat it, well then your complaints might be justified.

It's just not a metagame well designed for limitations and competitive teams. Embrace that.

Side note: Can someone tell me why FEAR (Specifically using level 1 Pokemon) doesn't work? I didn't see anything banning it, yet it automatically takes stats from a level 100 version of my pokemon, despite being taken from a lvl 1 Mew's stats? Is the level forced to be 100? or is the level being taken from a different Pokemon (Not the 4th/stat giver)
Side note: Can someone tell me why FEAR (Specifically using level 1 Pokemon) doesn't work? I didn't see anything banning it, yet it automatically takes stats from a level 100 version of my pokemon, despite being taken from a lvl 1 Mew's stats? Is the level forced to be 100? or is the level being taken from a different Pokemon (Not the 4th/stat giver)
The fear needs to be your 1st pokemon, as it uses it's lvl.

There was a time where the 4th mon donated the lvl 1 HP stat, but the rest were 100, so a draining move will heal you up to full if you deal move than double your HP stat. But it got fixed.


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Due to its overcentralizing nature, Trick and Switcheroo are now banned. Its ability to instantly win against most setup and stall sets, as well as its sheer splashability, makes it an unhealthy presence in the metagame. tagging Kris to implement

Other items on the watchlist:
Torment + Encore + Perish Body is a strategy that takes only a couple turns to setup and ends with the opponent struggling every other turn. Combine it with Perish Body and a very slow stat donor, and if the user can live at least one hit from the opponent, they have an almost guaranteed win. Perish Body being allowed is an oversight by me so it's likely that it will be banned soon, as it has a very good matchup with a physically bulky stat donor against most physical sets, but Torment + Encore is already a formidable strategy so I might be banning Torment as well.

Water Bubble boosts Water-type attacks to astronomical levels which when paired with moves such as Water Spout or Surging Strikes can easily break through resists (and as for Surging Strikes, it can easily break through Sturdy and Multiscale). Personally I would like Water Bubble and Surging Strikes gone because Surging Strikes breaking through Sturdy/Multiscale/Shadow Shield feels pretty unhealthy when those abilities are solid checks to the nuke sets that are common.

V-Create is an extremely powerful move with versatile abusers in Ho-Oh and Reshiram and viable donors in Rayquaza and Victini. It, paired with abilities like Drought, only serve to elevate its power even more. Contrary was mentioned but in my opinion that ability is more broken with moves like Fleur Cannon or Overheat, since V-Create doesn't lower offensive stats.

Electrify, when paired with Prankster (or Speed Boost), easily walls out any non-Dark type for 32 turns. With the aid of a Leppa Berry or even Recycle, any Pokemon that doesn't have faster priority is effectively PP stalled to death. It's pretty clear when someone's using it, though, so it's lower priority.

These are the main things I'll watch out for, mainly. Let me know if there's something else uncompetitive.
I dont think water bubble, water spout, surging strikes, v-create or contrary require a ban, they are pretty easy to predict and have a lot of counterplay, beyond the obvious water absorb, dry skin and flash fire you can beat them with anything bulky enough that can hit back, we are playing with uber stuff like Palkia, Rayquaza and Zekrom than easly fit on any offensive team and resists those moves and as soon as you can hit back water spout becomes nothing, surging stikes is a suicide move if you can fit a rocky helmet or iron barbs/rough skin on your team and anything than resist water, contrary just die to unaware, spectral thief, you can even fit a pressure mon (like most legendaries) on your team, protect and spite and win by default in two turns, and most of those hyper offesive strategies just die to any dumb gimmick you see on ladder like sturdy + metal burst, fake out + extreme speed, body press teams, or just something faster than hit for higher damage because this meta is full of them.

Electrify is not that hard to play against thanks to Boltund and Heliolisk making it obvious from the team preview, from there you can use mold breaker, sunsteel strike, moongeist beam to still deal damage, as you need volt absorb for it to be actually dangerous among other strategies like boosting first, using something faster or priority, if they use it with prankster and you dont want to use a dark type for some reason there is always magic bounce, status moves (im not even sure why you wouldnt just boost yourself or use toxic if the oppenent want to waste 32 turns using electrify to resist your hits instead of a good defensive mon), electrify is just a much worse encore + torment without volt absorb, there are better ways to pp stall someone to dead than electrify them for 32 turns.

Im fine with perish body leaving, like yeah you can see it coming if you see Cursola on the opposite team but cursola can go on different team slots thanks to a pretty good movepool, it has some good counterplay too but i guess thats a bit too much for most teams when you pair it with torment and other annoying stuff than can play around most of the supposed counterplay, useless you run Xatu and enough support moves to not attack and still win.


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Electrify is not that hard to play against thanks to Boltund and Heliolisk making it obvious from the team preview, from there you can use mold breaker, sunsteel strike, moongeist beam to still deal damage, as you need volt absorb for it to be actually dangerous among other strategies like boosting first, using something faster or priority, if they use it with prankster and you dont want to use a dark type for some reason there is always magic bounce, status moves (im not even sure why you wouldnt just boost yourself or use toxic if the oppenent want to waste 32 turns using electrify to resist your hits instead of a good defensive mon), electrify is just a much worse encore + torment without volt absorb, there are better ways to pp stall someone to dead than electrify them for 32 turns.
several caveats here:
  • electrify is currently seeing use on prankster ground types so mold breaker/sunsteel strike/moongeist beam are not effective
  • magic bounce does not block electrify and neither do ground types (as someone else tried to mention)
  • most prankster electrify mons use sub to evade status moves
  • electrify can easily be used with leppa berry + recycle (which can be safely executed behind substitute) which allows electrify to be used indefinitely
in conclusion i think electrify, while easy to spot, is nevertheless restricting on the teambuilder as it necessitates either an electric immune ability, a dark type, or strong priority.

Similarly, Encore + Torment + Perish Body has very limited counters (Magic Bounce, Taunt, Aroma Veil), so Perish Body is now banned. I'll be looking at Encore + Torment itself later, since it is still a potent strategy that is normally limited in vanilla 1v1 due to the fragility of the users.
Ban or not ban w/e. I'm just happy to be playing Chimera 1v1 again :psyglad:

Broke 1500 so that's cool:

Nvm it's not cool I cheated and used trick :psysad:
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Libero V-Contrary

Hey! This is a super fun metagame and I decided to share my Chimera with you guys. My idea was to build around Cinderace, because it has good movepool, a great ability, and nice stats. Then I decided to add Rayquaza, because it has a great movepool. I then added Lurantis, because of Contrary, and then Marshadow, for boosting Lurantis's low power attacks. I decided to close off with Genesect for more coverage, same as for Togekiss and its ability.
:sm/cinderace: :sm/rayquaza: :sm/lurantis: :sm/marshadow: :sm/genesect: :sm/togekiss:
SetPokémonItemAbilityStatsMove 1/2Move 3/4
Libero V-CreateGenesectLurantisCinderaceMarshadowRayquazaTogekiss
Contrary V-CreateMarshadowCinderaceLurantisGenesectRayquazaTogekiss
Contrary Choice SpecsTogekissMarshadowLurantisRayquazaCinderaceGenesect
Scarf TechnicianRayquazaCinderaceMarshadowGenesectLurantisTogekiss
Mixed DownloadLurantisTogekissGenesectRayquazaMarshadowGenesect
Choice Band HustleGenesectLurantisTogekissMarshadowRayquazaCinderace
Choice Band LiberoTogekissLurantisCinderaceGenesectMarshadowRayquaza
Setup SweeperLurantisTogekissCinderaceRayquazaGenesectMarshadow
Almost OU GarchompLurantisTogekissCinderaceMarshadowGenesectRayquaza


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as a thanks to you guys for playing the meta i'm going to share my chimera builder. most of these were first made in gen 7 and then ported to gen 8 so there are some z crystals still around, and i've lost the chimera lists for those teams, but a fooling around in the chimera builder assistant should help. here are the chimera lists i have at the moment:

SpecsMaw: Dialga / Noivern / Regidrago / Eternatus / Kyurem-Black / Rayquaza
ScarfMaw: Noivern / Rayquaza / Regidrago / Eternatus / Kyurem-Black / Dialga
Scarftrator: Dialga / Rayquaza / Noivern / Eternatus / Kyurem-Black / Regidrago
Teraspecs: Rayquaza / Dialga / Kyurem-Black / Eternatus / Noivern / Regidrago
BulkyBeam: Rayquaza / Kyurem-Black / Regidrago / Dialga / Noivern / Eternatus
Stall: Dialga / Kyurem-Black / Rayquaza / Regidrago / Eternatus / Noivern
TeraDance: Dialga / Eternatus / Kyurem-Black / Rayquaza / Regidrago / Noivern
MawDance: Noivern / Eternatus / Regidrago / Rayquaza / Dialga / Kyurem-Black

SF: Ho-Oh / Groudon / Landorus / Rayquaza / Reshiram / Lugia
BandSun: Reshiram / Lugia / Groudon / Ho-Oh / Rayquaza / Landorus
MultiCreate: Ho-Oh / Landorus / Lugia / Groudon / Rayquaza / Reshiram
Stall: Landorus / Rayquaza / Ho-Oh / Lugia / Groudon / Reshiram
CMSun: Ho-Oh / Landorus / Groudon / Reshiram / Lugia / Rayquaza
CurseScale: Landorus / Rayquaza / Lugia / Groudon / Ho-Oh / Reshiram
BandBlaze: Landorus / Lugia / Reshiram / Ho-Oh / Rayquaza / Groudon
CalmScale: Reshiram / Groudon / Lugia / Rayquaza / Landorus / Ho-Oh
PolicyScale: Landorus / Reshiram / Lugia / Ho-Oh / Rayquaza / Groudon
ScarfSun: Landorus / Ho-Oh / Groudon / Rayquaza / Reshiram / Lugia

PsychicSpecs: Latias / Giratina / Indeedee / Calyrex-Shadow / Dialga / Necrozma-Dusk-Mane
LeviBand: Calyrex-Shadow / Dialga / Latias / Necrozma-Dusk-Mane / Giratina / Indeedee
PrismPlot: Giratina / Indeedee / Necrozma-Dusk-Mane / Dialga / Calyrex-Shadow / Latias
PrismTrick: Latias / Calyrex-Shadow / Necrozma-Dusk-Mane / Dialga / Indeedee / Giratina
Stall: Dialga / Indeedee / Necrozma-Dusk-Mane / Giratina / Latias / Calyrex-Shadow

Pressure: Zekrom / Rayquaza / Palkia / Regieleki / Kyurem-Black / Emolga
TransPolicy: Emolga / Kyurem-Black / Regieleki / Palkia / Rayquaza / Zekrom
TransDance: Emolga / Palkia / Regieleki / Kyurem-Black / Zekrom / Rayquaza
TransDance2: Emolga / Rayquaza / Regieleki / Zekrom / Palkia / Kyurem-Black
TransPolicy2: Zekrom / Kyurem-Black / Regieleki / Rayquaza / Emolga / Palkia
TeraSpecs: Zekrom / Regieleki / Kyurem-Black / Rayquaza / Emolga / Palkia
TransSpecs: Emolga / Zekrom / Regieleki / Kyurem-Black / Rayquaza / Palkia
TeraSpecs2: Emolga / Zekrom / Kyurem-Black / Palkia / Rayquaza / Regieleki
Stall: Emolga / Rayquaza / Kyurem-Black / Palkia / Regieleki / Zekrom

Encore: Yveltal / Malamar / Sableye / Lugia / Calyrex-Shadow / Drifblim
MultiPlot: Sableye / Drifblim / Lugia / Yveltal / Malamar / Calyrex-Shadow
PrankPlot: Drifblim / Malamar / Sableye / Lugia / Yveltal / Calyrex-Shadow
BurdenPlot: Sableye / Lugia / Drifblim / Yveltal / Malamar / Calyrex-Shadow
Stall: Yveltal / Calyrex-Shadow / Drifblim / Lugia / Sableye / Malamar
Stall2: Yveltal / Drifblim / Calyrex-Shadow / Lugia / Sableye / Malamar
DarkMind: Malamar / Drifblim / Yveltal / Calyrex-Shadow / Lugia / Sableye
Multiscale: Drifblim / Malamar / Lugia / Calyrex-Shadow / Sableye / Yveltal

FlashStall: Magearna / Calyrex-Shadow / Heatran / Lugia / Clefable / Blacephalon
MG: Heatran / Lugia / Clefable / Calyrex-Shadow / Blacephalon / Magearna
MultiPolicy: Blacephalon / Clefable / Lugia / Magearna / Heatran / Calyrex-Shadow
MG2: Blacephalon / Lugia / Clefable / Magearna / Heatran / Calyrex-Shadow
FlashMind: Blacephalon / Magearna / Heatran / Calyrex-Shadow / Lugia / Clefable
FlashMind2: Magearna / Blacephalon / Heatran / Calyrex-Shadow / Clefable / Lugia
MultiTomb: Clefable / Blacephalon / Lugia / Calyrex-Shadow / Magearna / Heatran
MG3: Magearna / Blacephalon / Clefable / Heatran / Calyrex-Shadow / Lugia
MultiHerb: Clefable / Heatran / Lugia / Blacephalon / Magearna / Calyrex-Shadow

SturdyPolicy: Zekrom / Heatran / Magnezone / Reshiram / Rotom-Heat / Dialga
LevitateStall:  Magnezone / Zekrom / Rotom-Heat / Dialga / Heatran / Reshiram
LevitateDance: Heatran / Dialga / Rotom-Heat / Zekrom / Reshiram / Magnezone
LevitateSpecs: Heatran / Magnezone / Rotom-Heat / Reshiram / Zekrom / Dialga
LevitateDefense: Heatran / Reshiram / Rotom-Heat / Dialga / Magnezone / Zekrom
FlashPlot: Magnezone / Zekrom / Heatran / Reshiram / Dialga / Rotom-Heat

AdaptOrb: Palkia / Comfey / Crawdaunt / Yveltal / Dialga / Pelipper
Triage: Pelipper / Dialga / Comfey / Palkia / Yveltal / Crawdaunt
DrizzleOrb: Palkia / Comfey / Pelipper / Yveltal / Dialga / Crawdaunt
DrizzleBand: Palkia / Yveltal / Pelipper / Dialga / Crawdaunt / Comfey
DrizzleOrb2: Crawdaunt / Comfey / Pelipper / Yveltal / Palkia / Dialga

BubbleStrikes: Palkia / Volcanion / Araquanid / Pheromosa / Urshifu-Rapid-Strike / Kommo-o
BubblePress: Kommo-o / Pheromosa / Araquanid / Volcanion / Palkia / Urshifu-Rapid-Strike
BubbleDance: Volcanion / Urshifu-Rapid-Strike / Araquanid / Kommo-o / Pheromosa / Palkia
Soundproof: Palkia / Araquanid / Kommo-o / Pheromosa / Urshifu-Rapid-Strike / Volcanion
Soundproof2: Volcanion / Araquanid / Kommo-o / Palkia / Pheromosa / Urshifu-Rapid-Strike
AbsorbDance: Palkia / Araquanid / Volcanion / Kommo-o / Pheromosa / Urshifu-Rapid-Strike
AbsorbDance2: Pheromosa / Palkia / Volcanion / Urshifu-Rapid-Strike / Kommo-o / Araquanid

TriageOrb: Skarmory / Lugia / Comfey / Calyrex-Shadow / Yveltal / Sableye
TriageStall: Skarmory / Yveltal / Comfey / Lugia / Sableye / Calyrex-Shadow
TriageStall2: Skarmory / Sableye / Comfey / Yveltal / Calyrex-Shadow / Lugia
TriagePolicy: Lugia / Calyrex-Shadow / Comfey / Yveltal / Sableye / Skarmory
Multiscale: Skarmory / Comfey / Lugia / Calyrex-Shadow / Yveltal / Sableye
SturdyBerry: Sableye / Comfey / Skarmory / Calyrex-Shadow / Lugia / Yveltal
Prankster1: Yveltal / Skarmory / Sableye / Lugia / Calyrex-Shadow / Comfey
Prankster2: Yveltal / Comfey / Sableye / Lugia / Skarmory / Calyrex-Shadow
Prankster3: Skarmory / Calyrex-Shadow / Sableye / Yveltal / Comfey / Lugia

DrizzleSpecs: Quagsire / Blastoise / Kyogre / Palkia / Jellicent / Volcanion
DrizzleCore: Jellicent / Volcanion / Kyogre / Palkia / Blastoise / Quagsire
DrizzleSmash: Volcanion / Quagsire / Kyogre / Palkia / Blastoise / Jellicent
AbsorbStall: Quagsire / Palkia / Volcanion / Kyogre / Jellicent / Blastoise
Torrent: Quagsire / Jellicent / Blastoise / Palkia / Kyogre / Volcanion
Torrent2: Jellicent / Palkia / Blastoise / Volcanion / Quagsire / Kyogre
Unaware: Blastoise / Kyogre / Quagsire / Volcanion / Jellicent / Palkia
beats gmfc lol: Quagsire / Volcanion / Jellicent / Kyogre / Palkia / Blastoise

you might notice there are two monotype teams. i actually have drafts of all types and i might post them too if im not too lazy to actually complete them.

anyways enjoy these teams and thanks again for playing
Chimera is a fun metagame and not that hard to build if you know how. This is my chimera team that I built while the ladder is not even in effect but enjoy playing against other people with. I am not sure if there is any counterplay to this team currently being used. This team can get around almost all of the top threats of the metagame and is a pretty strong team overall.
:ss/Krookodile: :ss/Aggron: :ss/Rhyperior: :ss/Sableye: :ss/Regieleki: :ss/Heliolisk:

SetPokémonItemAbilityStatsFirst 2 MovesLast 2 Moves
Lightning Rod Electrify UserKrookodileAggronRhyperiorRegielekiHelioliskSableye
Sturdy Protect Metal BurstKrookodileRegielekiAggronRhyperiorSableyeHeliolisk
Sturdy Protect Less Defense Metal BurstKrookodileRhyperiorAggronRegielekiSableyeHeliolisk
Electrify Taunt PranksterKrookodileRegielekiSableyeRhyperiorHelioliskAggron
Dry Skin OffenseKrookodileRegielekiHelioliskRhyperiorAggronSableye
Fast Prankster Electrify StallKrookodileAggronSableyeRegielekiHelioliskRhyperior
Fast Sturdy Electrify StallKrookodileSableyeAggronRegielekiHelioliskRhyperior
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How to Build a Decent Chimera 1v1 Team.​
The one problem that many people have with Chimera 1v1 is that it's a very complicated metagame to build and that makes people shy away from it. Chimera 1v1 is a super fun metagame to play once you get a good team and know how to play your team.
I want this metagame to grow so I am going to be going over a few steps to help you build a decent Chimera 1v1 team.
You don't have to start from scratch though. You can always take teams from here or take ideas from teams you see other players to build upon because a lot of good teams are already being used with strategies that you could implement into your own teams or, you could just steal one of the teams already added into the forum and skip these steps entirely.
  1. To start building a Chimera team the first thing you are going to want to do is pull up some kind of table that can be expanded. You are going to want this Table to be seven across and two down. Make sure this table has the option to expand more downwards later or you will need to use a different program to have your table on. You can will add more rows down as you make more combinations for your team. On the top row Label in each spot one at a time the following: Set, Pokémon, Item, Ability, Stats, First 2 Moves, Last 2 Moves. You will start by following the steps in teambuilder first before you start using this Table.
  2. The second step is to think of one build that you for sure want to have on your team. I recommend doing this by going into Balanced Hackmons and making one Pokémon that you like. Keep in mind that you are building for 1v1 so build accordingly. (Yes Focus Sash is banned)
  3. The next thing you need to do is first pick a stat Pokémon for your build you just made. Then make a team of 6 Pokémon that you think would be good for a team and have and two of them must contain the set of four moves of your desired set you built in Balanced Hackmons. But don't pick your stat Pokémon as one of those two. It is also good to have one Pokémon as a backup stat Pokémon that is Ideally not similar in stats to your first stat Pokémon. But keep in mind you always want at least one dark type on your team because prankster is deadly in this metagame. You will also need one Pokémon that knows taunt but don't make it the same one as your dark type. Make sure that every Pokémon on your team has a good ability and also make sure you have a Pokémon that has the ability of the Balance Hackmons set you Made. (You don't need your stat Pokémon to have a good ability but it is nice)
  4. The next step is to build team members move sets two at a time. It is recommended that you pick these moves based on the stats of your main stat Pokémon and Backup. The top two moves that go together then the bottom two moves that go together. It is good to pair Pokémon together to build full move sets or you will just have random Jumbles that don't work well together. Don't give your Pokémon items yet.
  5. Ok now it is time to start using the table I had you make earlier. Under the set slot put the name of the first set you built in Balanced Hackmons. Next in the slot under stats place your main stat Pokémon. Then place the two Pokémon that you selected for your Balanced Hackmons build in slot six and seven accordingly. Next put the Pokémon that you selected as your ability from your Balanced Hackmons set in the ability slot. If you still have your dark type available I recommend setting that as your Pokémon slot and the other leftover as the item slot. If you have a stab option that goes with your Balance Hackmon set then selecting that as your main set lead is also good.
  6. Now add the item from your Balanced Hackmons set to the Pokémon in the item slot. Now you have your first build. You don't have to continue building from here but since your already this far in why not continue to step seven.
  7. Now you are going to want to expand your table downwards however many more sets you want to build. From here on out it is easy to build your team. You can just start placing and making sets by placing your six Pokémon in different slots to make more sets. Always pick the item Pokémon for a set last and pick one of either your main stat Pokémon or backup stat Pokémon in the stat slot every time. After you have built a set add an item to the Pokémon left in the item slot but don't replace any already selected items on Pokémon. Then when you build a set name it on your table and repeat the processes of step seven and add more rows downward.

Thanks for reading my short Chimera 1v1 Guide I hope it helps you with Teambuilding! Good Luck.
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Here the Challenge Code:
/challenge gen8anythinggoes @@@ Chimera 1v1 Rule, OHKO Clause, Species Clause, Evasion Moves Clause, Dynamax Clause, -Shedinja, -Huge Power, -Moody, -Neutralizing Gas, -Truant, -Eviolite, -Leek, -Light Ball, -Perish Song, -Transform, -Bolt Beak, -Disable, -Double Iron Bash, -Fishious Rend, -Hypnosis, -Lovely Kiss, -Sing, -Sleep Powder, -Spore, -Yawn, -Focus Sash, -Perish Body, -Trick, -Switcheroo

This team can probably be optimised, feel free to give suggestions

Adaptability BandCloysterLugiaPorygon-ZKyurem-BUrshifu-RapidCalyrex-Ice
Multiscale StallUrshifu-RapidCloysterLugiaKyurem-BCalyrex-IcePorygon-Z
Multiscale Shell SmashUrshifu-RapidPorygon-ZLugiaKyurem-BCloysterCalyrex-Ice
Adaptability ScarfCloysterUrshifu-RapidPorygon-ZKyurem-BLugiaCalyrex-Ice
Teravolt BandCloysterLugiaKyurem-BUrshifu/Calyrex-IPorygon-ZCalyrex-I/Urshifu
Kyurem-Black @ Mental Herb
Ability: Teravolt
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Endeavor
- Protect
- Toxic
- Roost

Lucario @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Steadfast
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Copycat
- Dig
- Extreme Speed
- High Jump Kick

Darmanitan (Darmanitan-Galar)
Ability: Gorilla Tactics
Level: 1
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Body Press
- Iron Defense
- Encore
- Protect

Regirock @ Choice Band
Ability: Sturdy
EVs: 252 HP / 16 Def / 240 SpD
Impish Nature
- Curse
- Body Slam
- Superpower
- Earthquake

Liepard @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Prankster
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Play Rough
- Giga Impact
- Quick Attack
- Toxic

Azurill @ Shell Bell
Ability: Thick Fat
EVs: 248 HP / 8 Atk / 252 SpD
Careful Nature
- Knock Off
- Toxic
- Rest
- Sleep Talk

Espeed Band
Azurill, Regirock, Darmanitan, KyuB, Liepard, Lucario

Azurill Scarf
Azurill, Lucario, Darmanitan, KyuB, Liepard, Regirock

Dark Scarf
Liepar, Lucario, Darmanitan, KyuB, Azurill, Regirock

Darmanitan, Azurill, Regirock, Lucario, KyuB, Liepard

Azurill, KyuB, Liepard, Regirock, Lucario, Darmanitan

Prankster IDef
Lucario, KyuB, Liepard, Regirock, Darmanitan, Azurill

Lucario, Liepard, Azurill, Regirock, Darmanitan, KyuB
Here's a team that's worked well for me:
I haven't played yet this month, but the last time this was playable, I saw a lot of chimeras with Marill's typing and Calyrex-Ice's stats specifically to counter this team. The fact that people are resorting to Marill to counter V-Create tells me that V-Create is probably banworthy, but as long as it's still legal, here's the (untested) 2.0 version to counterteam the counterteam:

252 Atk Choice Band Turboblaze Dragon/Electric Kyurem-Black Bolt Strike vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Water/Fairy Calyrex-Ice: 422-498 (104.4 - 123.2%) -- guaranteed OHKO

You could also replace Zekrom with Rotom-Heat to get STAB on both Bolt Strike and V-Create, but that would give you fewer options for Dragon/Fire with dual STAB.

Not God 1 (Calyrex-Ice) @ Choice Specs
Ability: As One (Glastrier)
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD
Adamant Nature
- Substitute
- Glacial Lance
- Ice Beam
- Protect

Not God 2 (Reshiram) @ Leftovers
Ability: Turboblaze
EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpA
Modest Nature
- Substitute
- Flamethrower
- Flare Blitz
- Stone Edge

Not God 3 (Ho-Oh) @ Choice Band
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpD
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Will-O-Wisp
- Roost
- Flamethrower
- Earth Power

Not God 4 (Lugia) @ Choice Specs / Choice Scarf
Ability: Multiscale
EVs: 252 HP / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Aeroblast
- Surf / Thunderbolt
- Iron Head
- Waterfall

Not God 5 (Dragonite) @ Leftovers
Ability: Multiscale
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Earthquake
- Superpower / Brutal Swing
- Draco Meteor
- Ice Beam

God Herself (Wooper) (F) @ Assault Vest
Ability: Water Absorb
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 SpD
Sassy Nature
- Earth Power
- Sludge Wave
- Earthquake
- Aqua Tail

I don't like 1v1, and I don't like extremely complicated OMs that I need to think hard on, but if I have an excuse to make Wooper a meta mon, I'll take it.

Someone on the ladder was running Wooper, and it dawned on me that it'd be possible to make Wooper use as many sets as possible, while trying to also have backups for some of the problems. So far, Banded Multiscale, Specs Multiscale, Tank, and Wall Woopers have been fun to use. Ho-Oh is a nice backup for grass types along with having the nice feature of completely stuffing Fishious Rend via Water Absorb. Double Multiscale makes it harder to lock myself out of getting it to anyone who needs it - For instance, special attacking Ho-Oh really wants Aeroblast for STAB, so Dragonite gets to be in the ability slot. Double Specs isn't necessary, and you can probably change it to something else specific for the folks on the ladder when playing. Scarf I imagine would be excellent for special attackers, since Reshiram isn't exactly the fastest slot.

Most important to this team's effectiveness is the combination of a Mold Breaker Pokemon, Multiscale users, and at least one set of defensive moves - this breaks through Sturdy cheese, Instant win setups such as Expanding Force Psychic Surge Calyrex-S stats Lunala, Mirror Coat/Counter/Metal Burst strats, and the rare SubProtect Pressure mons. Ho-Oh with Water Absorb is one of the better anti-rain strats, although if they run Thunder then you're toast (but lots of Fishious Rend builds don't even bother.) Dragonite and Reshiram sets are mostly for variety.

There's also two slashed moveset options - Surf on Lugia is specifically for Wooper's Special Nuker set, but you can swap it to Tbolt for better coverage on the Dragonite moveset. Dragonite's Brutal Swing option is literally only for the guaranteed OHKO on Lunala and Calyrex-S.

Screenshot (1117)-1.png.png

also shoutout to the guy using subprotect roost pressure Regieleki to stall out my banded Wooper one time, totally didn't steal that for Pressure Wooper lmao


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also shoutout to the guy using subprotect roost pressure Regieleki to stall out my banded Wooper one time, totally didn't steal that for Pressure Wooper lmao
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i finally made it past the 1500s despite the low activity of the ladder, so i feel its necessary to make a celebration post/mini rmt!

Multi-Faceted Pressure Stall by Rumia

firstly, i just want to say that this tier is very much enjoyable and it only gets better once u learn more and more about building!! start with baby steps and work ur way up!! even just going for one gimmick will definitely start u off right! now onto the team!!

probably my favorite team ive built for this tier, and my favorite to use! this is exemplary full pressure stall in chimera 1v1! something unique about this team is that there are no directly offensive aspects to it because pressure stall IS that good due to each and every mon having an aspect to them that circumvents any typical answer you would have to a regular pressure staller on cartridge. i'll go ahead and go over each mon and their role for the team!

:giratina: - giratina is here for its physical bulk, ability, and its helpful defensive typing! use this for ur stat spread whenever u can afford to be slow and extremely physically bulky! its main downside is its rather unfortunate movepool for this kind of archetype so ud ever want to use it for the first four slots

:bisharp: - bisharp was the first pokemon i chose to put in this team for its typing, ability, and movepool! being dark type, this allows u to be immune to prankster taunt which is always helpful for the team, and its steel type allows it to have much more resistances! it has taunt on the second moveslot so if u pair it with regieleki, u can run rapid spin taunt to beat out faster taunters that might be able to overwhelm regieleki with high power attacks.

:eternatus: - eternatus is here mainly for its ability, very helpful speed tier, above average bulk, and access to recover! eternatus is extremely reliable in the stat slot bc of its aforementioned traits, but if need be, cosmic power is also a very helpful tool to counteract setup mons and to take advantage of free turns to make u be able to sponge hits a lot more easy and turning 1hkos on subs into 2hkos depending on the mu ofc.

:corviknight: - this bird rocks!! ofc its missing a bit in the bst department but it wholly makes up for it in every other aspect!! a pressure mon with amazing defensive typing, access to immediate recovery in roost, and most importantly, taunt!!! taunt is so good on pressure stall!! shutting down setup, shutting down slower taunt, speeding up games a ton into forcing ur oppo to struggle!! corvi is such an ubiquitous mon i would honestly love to run more than one on this team (jk every mon is here for a reason!!)

:regieleki: - whats pressure stall without the fastest speed tier?!?! max hp to be able to stomach resisted hits as well as possible and max speed to be able to outspeed any sort of scarfers below base 117 speed! rest bc healing go brrr and rapid spin for the aforementioned reason in bisharp!

:lunala: - lunalas my last choice on this team for its special bulk and access to roost and spite! ull usually find it in the attack slot just for its helpful movepool but ofc if u need to stomach whatever calyrex-s throws at u do not hesitate to slap it in the stats slot! its also immune to fighting which compliments bisharp typing well, if need be

so thats the team as a whole! with good prediction into what ur opponent is trying to do, u will find great advantage with this team due to its flexibility in typing, stats, and moves while still maintaining the wonderful archetype that is pressure stall!! a notable weakness i found to this team is simply a prankster taunter with strong fighting moves, but thats what other teams are for!! luckily i have never ran into that so i hope u dont too! feel free to pm me here or on ps if u catch me online if u have any questions, and thank u for reading!! shout outs to Kolohe for being amazing and perfect!!!

(also 100th post on thread woo!)
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