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  • Well, I've gone from just entering middle school on Showdown to being a college graduate who still frequents showdown... Man, how time flies.
    Imagine being a college student (I feel the same way TwT being in College)
    Doing my once a year post to say that I genuinely despise my horrid luck with accuracy, and it makes me want to never play Showdown ever again somedays
    I missed the annual nostalgiaposting of October 17th didn't I? Whoops.
    Well, God hasn't struck me down yet, so here's to another year of spiting his existence! 11 years of playing on Showdown.
    I wanted to add this to my previous message but it went over 420 characters: apologies if my question comes off as rude or ignorant, communication is something I struggle with in general, I am just driven by curiousity, nothing else.
    No offense taken. I do play other gens, actually! Not as much as I used to when I actually had free time and wasn't juggling work + college, but I've definitely picked up Gen 3 as of late and I still occasionally play 6 and 7 regularly enough. OMs just always spoke to me more so than everything else, especially late gen 7 and all of gen 8 because of how I disliked the metas of OU by that point.
    Hey thanks for answering my question, I have another but I feel it would be smarter to ask it here rather than the OU Meta Thread.

    You said you, paraphrased, like OU less and less as the gens go on, between your faves getting worse and overall power in general.. Why don't you play older gen OUs? Understandable if it just, doesn't interest you since you prefer OMs as you said, I'm just incredibly curious lol.
    I've really played more gen 9 games in the last 2 months than I did all of gen 8, including Other Metas... hm.
    it really is such a fun gen
    It's just insane to think that my Gen 9 games are that numerous. I guess I just like this gen that much.
    Well. Today's the day.

    10 years and counting.

    I still miss the good days of the OU room, people getting banned with joke messages, alt servers full of people and 'gym challenges,' of so many people who knew each other so well all in a collection just having fun, of when I had so much more free time...

    aah, I miss those days...
    1 month, 2 days, and I'll have been on showdown for 10 goddamn years.

    Well, I'd make a forum thread about it when that happens, but given my last one got nuked, not worth it lmao
    my bad on the shadow mention! i sent the post early by mistake so i had to delete it
    And now it's nine years.
    Nine years of comp mons... I've gone from a middle schooler into my third year of college still playing mons from time to time.
    It really doesn't feel like nine years.
    Feel the same way. I started in 2012 and it still feels like yesterday when I was in high school.
    hi idk if you remember me (i used to be called stan soojung), but we played and talked about oms for a while around 2017-18, and it was cool to see your post in cong
    I'm not dead - I'm rather quite alive. I've been too busy doing life (college + a part time job), so I'm afraid I'll just fade out of existence again for another year.

    But here's to another year!
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