Let's Play! CJorex's Playthroughs! Current Challenge: Pokémon LeafGreen Randomizer

Hi Smogon! I'm going to put it out there that I am starting a Randomizer run of Pokemon LeafGreen. The Randomizer settings are as follows:
Starter Pokemon
-Random (Completely)
Wild Pokemon
-Random (Area-to-1 Mapping) (No legendaries)
Trainers Pokemon
-Rival keeps Starter
-Don't use Legendaries
-No early Shedinja
Static and Gift Pokemon
-Legenderies>Legendaries, Normal Pokemon>Normal Pokemon
Moves increased to Gen 5 Stats
Held Items randomized
Remove Trade Evolutions

I will be starting very soon; I will post my first update when it is ready.
I'm going to post the first chapter now; I started the game, recieved my starter, and got as far as beating Brock.

Professor Oak gives me an introduction; an introduction we have all had many times before

How can you never tell my gender?

Not only is Professor Oak unable to tell my gender, he is unable to remember his grandson's name. I decide to tell him that his grandson is named after my fellow member of Smogon, Shiruba.

Once I've helped Professor Oak with his amnesia, it's time to chose my starter. I can chose from Oddish

Or Dugtrio

Or even Blaziken.

I decide to go with Blaziken. I decide to name him after Mekkah.

While my rival has a pathetic Oddish, I have my fiery, all-powerful BLAZIKEN!

I venture onto Route 1, and find a rather misplaced Horsea, whom I decide to name after Stellar.

While on Route 22 I find a Raichu who I name Celever.

In Viridian Forest I find an Aggron, whom I decide to name Snaquaza.

Ignore what he says; what he actually uses are an Exeggutor and a Seviper

And so there you go; I have my first badge, and am on my way to being a Pokemon Master!
why would you name dicks after me :(

haha, lookin' great so far. i'll still kick your arse with my future vileplume, mate. you are not man enough to train a giant flower - no, you need to have a cockfighter do your dirty work for you! hmph! i really feel sorry for you! smell ya, loser!