Gen 3 Clamperl (NU Revamp)


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Baton Pass chains are a force to be reckoned with in NU, and one of the best end receivers on the chain is none other than this little terror. Sporting a gigantic 540 Special Attack stat with Deep Sea Tooth that makes Huntail squirm with envy, and nearly perfect type coverage in just three moves, there's almost nothing that can stand in Clamperl's way once it gets even just an Agility boost. If you can get a Special Attack boost or two to it too, the game is all but won. Clamperl's frailty and abysmal Speed make it a non-threat if the Baton Pass chain is broken, meaning there's a pretty big risk to bringing it as opposed to its competition such as Octillery. But if it's pure fun destruction you're looking for, Clamperl's the Pokemon for you.

name: Baton Pass Recevier
move 1: Surf
move 2: Ice Beam
move 3: Hidden Power Grass
move 4: Substitute / Barrier
item: Deep Sea Tooth
ability: Shell Armor
nature: Modest
evs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

- Surf, Ice Beam, and HP Grass give Clamperl nearly perfect coverage
- Substitute protects Clamperl from priority and status
- Barrier can make Clamperl actually pretty physically sturdy, allowing it to avoid a 2HKO from CB Hitmonchan
- Clamperl isn't going to do much without a Speed boost, so that is the most significant factor to consider when forming your BP chain or short passing

- At +2 Speed and Modest, Clamperl will outspeed the whole unboosted meta. Timid usable to get the jump on +1 Pupitar but the drop in power is too significant to seriously consider
- Toxic ok, but Clamperl pretty much 2HKOes everything anyway, and the stuff it can't like Dewgong have Rest anyway
- Refresh usable, but Substitute more useful in most situations as paralysis is going to completely ruin Clamperl before it can use Refresh
- Typical BP chain Pokemon needed to be successful, Volbeat, Huntail, Ariados, Plusle
- Spikes will push a lot of Pokemon into OHKO range of Surf

[Other Options]
- Deep Sea Scale set, but Clamperl's lack of offense and physical frailty means its setup bait for too much, although it does hard counter Huntail which is funny as hell
- Whirlpool
- HP Electric

[Checks and Counters]
- Dewgong
- Roar Wailord
- SpD Bellossom
- Kecleon
- SpD Swalot

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