Clauncher (QC 0/3)

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+Its good bulk gives it an edge over other mixed Water-types such as Froakie and Remoraid which are faster than it
+Aqua Jet gives it STAB priority to make up for its low Speed
-Lacks reliable recovery
-Mostly underwhelming offensive stats if it goes mixed, while it's outclassed if it focuses in one or the other
-Slow without Speed investment, but loses its edge over other mixed Water-types if it invests in Speed

Bulky Mixed Attacker
name: Bulky Mixed Attacker
move 1: Water Pulse / Scald
move 2: Aqua Jet
move 3: Ice Beam
move 4: U-turn
ability: Mega Launcher
item: Eviolite
evs: 92 Atk / 180 Def / 132 SpA / 92 SpD
nature: Relaxed


-When boosted by Mega Launcher, Water Pulse is just as powerful as Surf and has an additional chance to confuse the foe. Scald has a chance to burn and is Clauncher's best chance at neutering physical attackers. They are used over Crabhammer because Clauncher's most powerful coverage options are special so it wants to invest in SpA more, and its Special Attack is marginally better than its Attack.
-Aqua Jet provides useful priority to help Clauncher compensate for its low Speed
-Ice Beam helps it hit Grass-types. Sludge Bomb can also be used to hit Grass-types marginally harder, and it hits Fairies as well, but Sludge Bomb doesn't cover more relevant threats (namely Fletchling)
-U-turn enables Clauncher to either switch out of dangerous situations or safely bring in a frail sweeper

Set Details

-Eviolite boosts Clauncher's bulk
-Relaxed nature lowers Clauncher's Speed, which it cares about less than any other stat, while raising Clauncher's Defense as most of the hits it wants to be taking are physical; you can use a Sassy nature with 100 Def / 172 SpD investment but then Clauncher won't be able to tank hits as well
-EVs maximize Clauncher's bulk to Eviolite numbers before investing into its offensive stats, SpA more so because its main STAB attack and coverage option are special.

Usage Tips

-Easily tanks hits and pivots at any point of the game
-Can scout for surprise coverage or pivot out of dangerous situations with U-turn, but it will take heavy damage in the process
-Good at taking physical hits, but lacks recovery and an effective way to neuter physical attackers outside of Scald
-Be careful of switching it in and out to take lots of hits, as that and hazards damage can wear it down

Team Options

-Hazards removal (Drilbur, Staryu, Archen, Vullaby) as it will be switching in a lot, and, since it doesn't have reliable recovery, wants to keep its health up
-VoltTurn core (Larvesta, Magnemite, Chinchou, Mienfoo) to help keep up momentum
-Cleric support (Spritzee, Lickitung) as it doesn't have reliable recovery and it is worn down quickly
-Frail sweepers (Abra, Gastly) it can bring in with U-turn and/or take hits for

Other Options

-Other coverage (Rock Slide, Flash Cannon, Hidden Powers)
-Solely Physical/Special (outclassed by Carvanha, Tirtouga, and Corphish for physical, and Chinchou, Staryu, Clamperl for special)
-Speedy/non-Eviolite mixed (outclassed by Froakie, Remoraid - loses its edge over them if it goes without bulk)

Checks & Counters

**Strong Special Attackers**: Strong special attackers such as Abra can target Clauncher's weaker Special Defense stat and take it down.

**Residual Damage**: Since Clauncher has no means of reliable recovery, entry hazards damage and status can wear it down quickly, especially since it isn't immune to any residual effects.

**Chinchou**: Chinchou leaves Clauncher no choice but to switch out, as it can hit Clauncher hard with an Electric-type STAB move if it chooses to stay in, and none of Clauncher's moves do much to Chinchou.

**Eviolite Users**: Some generally bulky Eviolite users, especially those that Clauncher doesn't have any coverage for, such as Porygon and Spritzee, can comfortably take any of Clauncher's attacks and either take it out with strong STAB attacks or set up.
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