Tournament Clean Slates Tournament [Won by Scoopapa]


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Clean Slates Tournament
Welcome to Clean Slates, the Pet Mods that aimed to do exactly as the title states: Create a brand new "micrometagames" from scratch, with the ultimate goal of creating balanced yet still varied compact metagames existing separately from any existing tier. That means each Clean Slate only has the respective Pokemon listed on their pages usable. This tournament will see players participating in all three of the existing Clean Slate incarnations (those being the original, Micro, and 2). A more down-to-earth pet mod before to get prepared for the Pet Mods Grand Slam. Come on and join! We have Unowns! With V-Create!

  • Battles are BO3 and played on Dragon Heaven
  • BO3 battles can be played in any order, agreed upon by the players.
  • Replays must be posted in thread.

Signups will close sometime in early July.


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[14:37:40] +kingbaruk: I 'm very busy next weeks and also in another tour that has a bigger focus for me , So i'll probably won't make it for the other games, you can take the win

kingbaruk gave me the win.

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