Clear Skies Tournament - Round 2

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tfw you can't paraflinch with Jirachi anymore

This tournament will be in BW format with the standard OU banlist, best of 1, but anything weather related and Jirachi are 100% disallowed. So no more Drizzle Politoed, no more Sand Stream Tyranitar, and thank god for no more Jirachi. Not even moves that summon weather like Sunny Day and Rain Dance are allowed, so abilities like Chlorophyll, Rain Dish, Sand Force, etc... are going to be useless here, but these abilities won't be banned since weather isn't being used, so Sand Force Hippowdon is fine to use. And as an added bonus, I'll even unban Excadrill and Manaphy from this tournament, as they can no longer abuse their weather-based abilities.

It has also been brought to my attention that DragMag would be a rather centralizing strategy in this tournament, so I've decided to add a clause of only allowing up to two Dragon-types on a team if using Magnezone or Magneton.

The deadline is Saturday, May 30th. VM your opponent asap so you can schedule for a good time and have your battles completed in a timely fashion. Please don't forget to record your match, as it makes it easier to confirm everything.

Marcoco vs Eternal Spirit
BKC vs - lord
silver97 vs Reymedy
Faded vs Darkdiglett
Ox the Fox vs Tomahawk
Mix vs Alloy
pokebasket vs NotAGymLdr
teal6 vs Jefozz
ForgottenOnes vs Tricking
Dr Ciel vs Level 56
HeiDoe vs Nova
Tokyo Tom vs SnowCristal!
jacob vs Staraptor
Shrug vs Unlucky Desperado
Wesleyxd vs noname4505
candyflip vs TheInsanity
ZoroarkForever vs Mr.378
TewMew vs Myzozoa
W2S vs Paleo
Lavos Spawn vs TUO
Disenchanted vs Ranger Helmut
Exclaimer vs Metaphysical
SparksBlade vs Prankster.
lighthouses vs RiCH HOMiE CHRiS

Again, The deadline is Saturday, May 30th.
Have fun!
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would have swept his entire team had icicle spear not hit 5 times and then 4 times, and/or waterfall flinched. sadly, i am never lucky. gg
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