Cody's Metronome Tournament (Sign Ups)

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Welcome to Cody's Metronome tournament; where only the luckiest will survive. The rules are simple, only the move metronome is allowed in battle. Team's will fight in a triple battle with only three Pokemon on their team.


-Only the move metronome is allowed. Players are not allowed to use any other moves.

-Only pokemon that can learn metronome are allowed.

-Fights must be fought in triple battle. Each team must only have 3 pokemon on their side

-3 vs 3 match, each team has 3 pokemon

-Best of one matches.

-No using the launcher (if thats even possible)

-If somehow the match ends in a tie, do a rematch.

-List of pokemon that are not allowed in this tournament

1) Mewtwo

2) Gengar or its evolutions

3) Sableeye

4) Benette or its evolutions

5) Dusclops or its evolutions

Other than those rules, anything goes.

Round 1 will begin July 21th so sign up before then. Once round 1 starts, I will post who your
opponent will be. Your job is to arrange a battle with your opponent within 1 week and message me with the results. You must message me who your opponent was and who won the battle in order to advance to the next round.

If for some reason your opponent is inactive or does not respond, then message me. If you get paired with someone who is inactive then you automatically go to the 2nd round.

The winner of the tournament will receive the luck trophy which means you're the luckiest son of a lillipup alive.
Hello. Please read the rules for applying to host tournaments, which can be found here. That being said, we've had a Metronome tournament in the recent past; you'd have to wait awhile to host another one.
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