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The Daily Draw for today on the Pokemon Showdown art room was to draw a lineart and then pass it off to another Art Room member for coloring. In the above example, I made the lineart and Nerina did the colors. +)

Might update this post soon with one where I do the colors over someone else's lineart.

EDIT: Didn't take long. Have a color over of Sunfished 's drawing of (Gulpin/Skiploom/Gengar/Banette/maybe Cacnea we don't know)
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Here have a collaboration with my friend Cheekers!

I made the lineart, Cheerkers did the colors and signature. The Daily Doodle was actually draw a Pokemon, but I decided to do Ash and Pikachu cause I was in an Ash mood.
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and started walking.
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I'm not exactly sure how this works, but I would like to see these finished, if anyone's willing. They're rather large so I put them in a hide tag.

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