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+Incredible HP and decent Attack
+Useful STABs, such as EQ, Knock Off, and Sucker Punch
+Versatility in uses, such as Spinning, Bouncing, Pursuit Trapping, and Bulky Offense
+Checks common walls, such as Heatran, Cresselia, and Chansey
-Countered by the most used CAP (Tomohawk)
-Very few ways to deal with Grass-types
-Speed hampers its functionality as a sweeper
-Despite high HP, it has pitiful defenses

AV Colossoil
name:AV Colossoil
move 1: Earthquake
move 2: Knock Off / Pursuit
move 3: Sucker Punch
move 4: Rapid Spin / Stone Edge / U-Turn
ability: Rebound
item: Assault Vest
evs: 72 HP / 252 Atk / 184 SpD
nature: Careful / Adamant


-Earthquake is a powerful STAB move, giving it good coverage in combination with Stone Edge
-Knock Off removes problem items from potential checks, and helps to break down wall for Colossoil's teammates
-Pursuit causes certain pokes, such as Lati@s and Aurumoth, to fear switching out. The STAB boost with max Atk can OHKO a non invested Lati.
-Sucker Punch provides much needed STAB priority, with a whopping 80 Base Power to boot.
-Rapid Spin allows Colossoil to remove pesky Stealth Rocks and Sticky Web to let the rest of the team function at full capacity.
-Stone Edge gives the esteemed EdgeQuake coverage to an already strong physical attacker. As a Rock-type move with 100 Base Power, this gives Colossoil the "edge" it needs to hit Flying-types and Bug-types that are either resistant or neutral to Dark-type attacks.
-U-Turn allows for safe switching away from incoming checks, such as Skarmory and Tomohawk, as well as Bug-type coverage for the occasional Malaconda or Grass-type.

Set Details

-Assault Vest with decent investment in SpD turns what would be mediocre special bulk into a unique behemoth.
-Rebound gives it immunity to status moves on switch-ins, as well as bouncing back potential Stealth Rocks, Sticky Web, or (T-)Spikes.
-Adamant provides the extra attack needed to break through some physical walls, while Careful allows for Colossoil to stay alive longer against special attackers and take chunks out of their HP.
-72 EVs in HP make Colossoil's HP an odd number, 425, having it take a smaller percentage of damage from switch-ins onto Stealth Rocks or Spikes.
-The strange EVs allow Colossoil to have the highest special bulk possible while still having a decent enough HP stat to tank some Physical hits as well as Special ones.

Usage Tips

-A common method used with this set is to lead off with a potential counter-lead to your opponent, and if they happen to lead with a hazard-setter or status user, pull the switch then into Colossoil and bounce back their move.
-If running Rapid Spin, it's best to do as much damage to your opponent before spinning away any hazards.
-Do not at any point switch this in to a Tomohawk. Ever.
-Although it may seem like a good idea to switch in on a potential Leech Seed, all Pokemon that can learn it (void Smeargle) are Grass-type, and therefore immune to the bounced seeds. They can just use it again without any repercussions.
-If a Pokemon on your team that is setting up stat-boosts is about to be phazed, switch in to Colossoil to bounce back the Roar or Whirlwind. This forces them into a random poke on their team, and if they have a bad match-up, Pursuit them on their way out.

Team Options

-Flying spam abusers (i.e. Talonflame or Cawmodore) can clear away most of Colossoil's checks and counters with one click of the mouse.
-Colossoil has been proven to work well in combination with Tomohawk and Sylveon. It can bounce back Toxics and other ailments for the two, as well as Knock Off opposing poke's items.
-Offensive Fairy-types synergize with this by clearing away dangerous Fighting-types, while Colossoil takes care of Steel, Poison, and Fire type walls.
-Cyclohm helps to get rid of Colossoil's counters, such as Skarmory and Tomohawk, while Colossoil does the same for it.

Other Options

-Rebound Pivot with U-Turn and Pursuit
-Guts All-Out Attacker w/ Facade
-Fake Aurumoth with Megahorn and Guts

Checks & Counters
**Tomohawk**: All of Colossoil's accurate moves either don't hit it or are Not Very Effective against it.
**Grass-types**: Although U-Turn hits Super Effectively, it lacks good Base Power, and can be resisted by common secondary typings, such as Poison or Steel.
**Skarmory**: Ridiculously high defense and isn't hurt by Earthquake
**Gardevoir**: Hyper Voice hurts Colossoil beyond belief, and you can't switch in to anything other than a Psyshock on common Gardevoir sets
**Arghonaut** Waterfall and Drain Punch hurt
**Cawmodore** You can't outspeed and Knock Off any Sitrus Berry that it may have before Belly Drumming, and Drain Punch at +6 will kill you even if it misses.
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Solid write up Tada. I pretty much lifted AVSoil whole cloth out of one of the old CAP Corner videos you did (which seems ancient at this point), and it's by far and away my favorite set for the thing: tanks a bunch of stuff, and still hits like a truck. It demolishes Krill too, which always takes people by surprise - nothing better than tanking a surf at 40% and KOing back with EQ. It's easily one of my favorite hazard-control 'mons in the tier.

I'd definitely do full writer ups for a couple of the sets you have in Other Options at some point - Status Orb Guts attacker is definitely notable, and I'd say a Utility Set/Pivot with Lefties also deserves a full write-up as well. In Other Options, I'd add Encore too. It seems out of place, and obviously doesn't have much use on AV or Guts sets, but it's sneaky good on the Lefties user. Excellent for catching set-up 'mons looking to score boosts, and surprisingly effective against Tomo if you're good at predicting and have nerves of steel.


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AV Colossoil is great, but I agree with Pepsi that this is a Pokemon who needs to have other sets listed in the analysis. Specifically there should be a set with Guts.

Regarding this set though...
-Combined, the HP and SpD provide the maximum bulk possible to be paired up with max Atk.
Why 72 HP and and 184 SpD? I know in the PS room you gave me a much more solid answer as to why these numbers are ideal, but providing that specific answer within the set details might be better than saying "that it provides the maximum bulk possible" while retaining max attack. Specifically, what that specific bulk allows you to survive would be helpful.

Regarding Skarmory in checks and counters, Skarmory doesn't actually resist Colo's dark moves, so putting the "see Tomo" part isn't entirely accurate. Rather than resisiting Dark, Skarmory just has stupidly high defense.

Other than that, great write up. You provided a lot of great details for your moves and usage tips!


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Ok, so three things:

1) I'm not really sure what that EV spread is trying to accomplish. The description doesn't really say that much. And, from just a few quick calcs, a spread of 16 HP / 240 SpD is the best you are going to get at maximizing special bulk.

2) Personally, from using this very set recently, I have to say that I think Guts is the better ability for it. Rebound is ok, but nothing to write home about, imo, especially if you have Rapid Spin. You can clear hazards super easily, so bouncing is nothing that great, and I'd personally rather benefit from status than bounce it back, as 99% of the time, the things using status moves are immune to what they use, or can easily cure it. In addition, this makes switching into a ton of Pokemon far safer. If you have Rebound and switch into Mollux or Heatran, for example, there is a decent chance you just got permanently crippled. But if you have Guts, suddenly it becomes nearly impossible to switch into Colo easily, if you lack Tomohawk.

3) This just needs more sets. Assault Vest is an amazing set, but it is far from the only one. I honestly am not the biggest fan of some of them, but other sets, especially faster more offensive ones are definitely good enough to merit at least one other set.
Hmmm. Jas, I disagree on Guts being the better ability - what's the saying, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? I'd much rather keep Rocks off the field altogether than burn a turn spinning when I could be nailing the switch-in with Knock Off. To say nothing of the fact that Rebound doesn't simply prevent hazards on your side of the field - it adds them to your opponent's side as well. It's essentially a complete swing in power, the equivalent of a Pick-6 in American Football - you're taking an advantage away from your opponent and simultaneously giving one to yourself.

I also feel like Status actually hamstrings AV mons, causing HP loss that they have no ability to recover - a major disadvantage for a spinner, for whom survivability is a somewhat major concern. Admittedly, Rebound Colo isn't exactly status immune, and it loses HP at the same clip as Guts with no tangible advantage, so this doesn't necessarily detract from Guts' usefulness.

Overall, I'd say it's a toss up - worth a slash at the very least. Guts, admittedly, offers much safer switch-ins than Rebound, and can grant a dramatic boost in attack power - always handy. But Rebound can disrupt your opponent and, if they lack a spinner, permanently weaken their position simply via a well-timed switch. Both are worthwhile, and both worth mentioning.
After talking with HeaLnDeaL and cbrevan, we feel it's best if Colossoil is split into two sets, bulky AV and offensive since they are built differently and play quite differently.

Colossoil @ Assault Vest
Ability: Guts / Rebound
EVs: 172 HP / 252 Atk / 84 SpD
Adamant Nature
- Earthquake
- Knock Off
- Sucker Punch / Pursuit
- Rapid Spin

We wanted to preserve a bulky Assault Vest set, and after experimenting with some spreads, we found that this one maximizes attack and special bulk, with enough HP investment to avoid OHKO from Lando-I Superpower after rocks. (not sure what the current EV spread does)

Colossoil @ Life Orb / Black Glasses / Assault Vest
Ability: Guts / Rebound
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly / Adamant Nature
- Earthquake
- Knock Off
- Sucker Punch / Pursuit
- U-turn / Stone Edge

Colossoil is most commonly seen with a more offensive set/spread, so it needs to be included as well. Item choice is personal preference, as each one has its own perks and drawbacks.

In general, EQ and Knock Off are the most important moves to have on Colssoil, so they should each get their own slash. The last two slots depend more on Colossoil's EV spread and teammates, and the slash order shown here is built to reflect that. Also, Guts and Rebound are both equally viable and get about 50/50 usage, so both should be slashed. One is a pseudo Magic Bounce, while the other turns Colo into a status absorber and a more potent offensive threat.
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Just want to emphasize that the main difference between the two sets are the roles they take up and say some other nick picks i had.

The main role of bulky av is to Rapid Spin, as it does it better than anything else in the tier and gives it tremendous utility. Also, Earthquake and Knock Off are necessary STAB moves and Rapid Spins is the main move of the set. We felt that Sucker Punch should be the main slash over Pursuit as Sucker Punch works more reliably than Pursuit and is in general more useful. Stone Edge doesn't provide any more coverage aside from hitting Zapdos, Pinsir, Charizard, and Talonflame, so it should be mentioned in Other Options for the bulky set. U-turn hits Malaconda and other Colossoil hard and gives you a lot of momentum against Tomohawk switch ins, so it should be third slash with Sucker Punch and Pursuit.

The main role of the offensive set is to take advantage of Colossoil's good offensive capabilities and use them as best as we can. Again Earthquake and Knock Off are necessary stabs while Sucker Punch provides valuable coverage and Pursuit allows it to heavily weak or outright ko pokes it scares out. U-Turn provided momentum and Stone Edge hurts flying types who think they can switch in on Earthquakes. Life Orb gives Colossoil a welcome boost to its moves, which gives it a lot more power than the bulky set. Black Glasses should be third slash as they aren't as good as AV or LO. AV lets it counter mons like Stratagem and Krilowatt, and can bluff the bulky set which has less speed. Guts should really be the only ability as a Burn would render this Colossoil useless. This alone makes it better than Rebound, and Colossoil also hits incredibly hard with both a Guts and LO boost.

To sum it up, bulky set is meant to live long and keep hazards away while offensive set is meant to come in and wreck stuff. We tried to think of a way to achieve both as clearly as we wanted in one set, but we decided that two sets would be preferable.

Other Options should include Stone Edge for bulky set and Flame Orb for offensive. Facade doesn't do much on Flame Orb sets as it doesn't get the 2hko on Tomohawk, which is the only thing it would hit noticeably harder. Megahorn doesn't hit much aside from opposing Colossoils, but it could be mentioned.

Usage Tips
The part about Leech Seed is self evident, so I'm not sure if its needed. I'm also not sure about the whole coverage against grass type mentions, as the only grass types that are commonly used in CAP, Necturna, Venusaur, and Ferrothorn, are hit neutrally by bug moves.

Team Options
Gothitelle needs a mention as it allows Colossoil to get past its biggest obstacle, Tomohawk. It also has great synergy with U-Turn and is one of the main reasons Colossoil should run it.

Checks and Counters
Grass Types should just say Ferrothorn and Physically Offensive Venasaur really. Physically Defensive Mega-Scizor can set up on Colossoil or U-turn for the ko. Revenank, Conkeldurr, and any other Fighting type that can stomach a Knock Off can check it. Keldeo should be mentioned specifically as it can check any set. Azumaril can tank a hit and ko with Waterfall and Play Rough or revenge with Aqua Jet.

I don't even know what you were trying to say with the whole Cawmodre missing Drain Punches part.
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So, I don't have any major critiques on the sets for the most part, but, as both myself and HeaL mentioned earlier in this thread, I'd really like to know what is up with the EVs on the Assault Vest set. The set mentions "highest special bulk possible." but 72/184 does not maximize special bulk with Assault Vest. A few quick calcs shows me that Special Bulk is actually maximized at 12/244. And, while physical bulk is also mentioned, there is absolutely no reasoning given as for what said bulk is doing. If it is just a generic comment about Colossoil being bulky, then it should probably be changed as it is a bit confusing. On the other hand, if there is actually a Physically defensive reason for having 72 HP, then it should be stated in specific terms.


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Yeah, sparktrain and I spent an hour or so over the weekend trying to make sense of the EVs listed in this thread's OP. If Tadasuke's intention was to have special bulk with some nickels spent for physical defense, we found that 172 HP and 84 Sp Def provides a better balance as is allows Colossoil to take on Landorus better (spark's post above explains this in more depth). If the intention was to maximize special bulk then 12 HP and 244 HP might be better.

Overall I'm advocating 172 HP / 84 Sp.Def seen above, as well as the second offensive set suggested.
For fun I run 28 special defense because you can always tank a hyper voice after stealth rocks from a timid mega gardevoir, and that is with assault vest. But I like the sets that sparktrain posted and feel that those two are probably the best.
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