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Welcome to the Community Create A Team thread!
Occasionally, the Tournaments room on PS! will hold a Community Create-A-Team (CCAT) in chat for that day's official tournament tier. During these events, a team will be built around a preselected Pokémon for that day's tier.

Process and modalities of the event:
  • All the tiers covered by the event will be selected from the Monthly Official Schedule.
  • A poll will be created the day before the selected official from that meta's VR, preferably ranked A or lower.
  • The CCAT will take place on the official day between 3:30 and 8:30 EST in the Tournaments room on PS!.
  • If metagame changes occur after selecting the Pokémon around which the team will be built, they will take into effect in that event.
  • The creation of the team will be based on the chat suggestions. The suggestions will be proposed in a poll and the ones with the most votes will be selected.
  • A PokePaste of the complete team will be published on the chat once finished and will also be archived on this thread.
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