Mafia vs Village Companions Mafia [POSTGAME]


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Welcome to Companions Mafia! An age old conflict between the Red Team and the Blue Team (both are Village Factions) continues today. Their informed enemies lurk in the darkness, and though our brave villagers don't know the number or nature of their opposition, they do know that each faction can only win if it's the last one standing.

Rules (Please skim at least):


Most of you have two roles, one attached to your Smogon username, the other attached to an alias on an anonymous forum Here. You may cast votes in both the thread on Smogon, and on the anonymous forum. They can be cast for different targets, and the value of each vote is connected to the value of the corresponding role's vote. You can vote for Smogon Users and aliases on Smogon and on the anonymous forum, and all votes are tallied together to become one lynch. Roles which specify that they target Smogon Users can only target usernames, and roles which specify that they target aliases can only target aliases. Roles which can visit "any target", or other general language can target both Smogon Users and aliases.

Role PMs/Game Etiquette:

You may not copy and paste the full text of your role PM. You may not share screenshots of any kind. You may not add people to game related conversations without the consent of everyone currently in it (including me). You may not attempt to impersonate other users. You may paraphrase your role PM, describe flavor and abilities in your own words, copy/paste your win condition or role name verbatim, or fake logs with anyone. I reserve the right to make any assessment with regard to game ethics.

Add me to all Smogon Conversations related to this game that you create. Invite me to all discord servers, and all sheets (

Game Progression:

This game will proceed in the standard Day/Night fashion, starting from a Night 0 in which no kills are active. Phases are 48 hours, and can be changed upon popular request. I may adjust deadlines to accommodate my work schedule.

Death and Communication:

Mafia factions know their teammates. This is an Outside Communication game, you may speak at any time in any venue, but we recommend finding players in #circus on the Social Forums Discord (ask if you don't have this). You will not be dead until all roles you control die. At this point, you will be unable to talk to anyone in the game about game related matters (except for mafia speaking with their teammates).

Anonymous Forum Etiquette:

I put a fair bit of work into creating a clean forum, but if any issues arise, please let me know and I'll fix them as soon as I can. If you find a forum administrative exploit (somehow being able to determine who is online or when people have logged in, for instance), please inform me instead of taking advantage of this. Please do not share anonymous forum accounts or change your avatar or signature.

Win Conditions and Sample PMs:

Each team must eliminate the others. All PMs are provided through Smogon. A Sample Village PM is provided below, in this example Jesse is tied to my Smogon account:

Dear Blazade/Mega Man,

You are Jesse and James.

"To protect the world from devastation". As the female member of the iconic Team Rocket partners, you like to send out an Arbok over and over again.

Use Arbok (Silencer): Each night, you can tell your Arbok to constrict a target, preventing them from speaking in their voting thread the following day.

Blast Off: Other roles might go here. They won't be noticed by roles which check for primary abilities.


"To unite all peoples within our nation". As the male member of the iconic Team Rocket partners, you like to send out a Koffing over and over again.

Use Koffing (Alias Silencer): Each night, you can send out your Koffing to visit an alias. That alias won't be able to speak in their voting thread the following day.

You are allied with the Purple Team. You win when the Purple Team is the last faction remaining.

You password in the anonymous forums is 123456


Is set before the game. You may ask me about priority, I will probably not answer.

Helpful Notes (Please Read):

1. You might want to be careful with your alias. Some roles have more reason to hide their secret identity, and others still may not keep their alignment after death. Try to survive instead of cleaning yourself through death.

2. NPC aliases are untargetable. They will survive any lynch and all actions will fail against them. I have purposely oversaturated the game with NPCs to make process of elimination more difficult.

3. There is no alliance checking in this game. However, if two roles which can determine part of a role PM target the same role, they will both receive the full role PM instead.

4. Flavor on all factions is essentially random, and just for fun.

5. All players were assigned randomly to roles and factions.

Living Usernames:
Da Letter El

Dead Usernames:

Players removed from game:
Former Hope
Aura Guardian

Living Aliases:
Cloud Man
Galaxy Man
Gyro Man
Nitro Man
Spark Man
Stone Man
Strike Man
Wind Man
Wood Man
Yamato Man

Dead Aliases:
Concrete Man
Top Man
Toad Man
Cut Man
Crash Man
Dust Man
Aqua Man
Spring Man
Search Man
Ice Man
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I wish to modify my previous statement.

As this is companion mafia there is only one fitting name for this team.

So come, join the revolution on the red team. Where we aren't just any companions. We are comrades.


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Hello ladies and gents and welcome back to the revolution.

Now obviously in this game it's hard to trust people. Without any sort of alliance inspect there's very little way to detect alignment, especially as roles are split up and it requires quite a bit of teamwork for either village to get a full inspect.

However, my role is really perfect for collaboration as frankly, I cannot die. Well, at least my smogon account side. Now this should be enough to at least indicate I am village as with a role like this mafia would be far more incentivized to use it to negotiate as they could do so safely without fear of being counter lynched by a combined village.

Furthermore, because of the numbers and with the assumption there are at least 4 of each village. There are a maximum of 3 mafia. Of course this doesn't take into account neutrals and likely this number is lower. This translates into a few aspects.

1. The scum roles are going to be significantly stronger than any few town roles
2. Any damage to them will be much more significant.
3. They will struggle to control the lynch

Otherwise, while I have nothing that can really tie me down to being on red team (and frankly there's probably not much in the game that can besides action continuity). This should hopefully be enough to get the ball rolling and help villages organized.


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Unless Pidge can come up with a reason why this isn't the best move at the moment with the current information and the lack of someone leading team blue

lynch pidge


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You all gather around and lynch Pidge

Dear Pidge,

You are Duncan Idaho

You are a handsome man and an admirable fighter in the employ of the Atreides family. After your death, your clones have created a legacy spanning the history of the Dune series.

Swordmaster of the Ginaz (Martyr): Each night, you can approach a target and ask them to duel. A target challenged this way will have no choice but to target you with their actions.

Gift of the Tleilaxu: The first two times you die, you spend the following phase reviving into a random NPC Alias. You don’t know what surprises the Tleilaxu have in store for you, but you know you won’t be the same Duncan Idaho you were when you were alive.

You are allied with the Red Team. You win when the Red Team is the last faction remaining.
The Red Team loses a valuable member. But anything can happen as the days roll on! Night 1 ends June 2nd at 9 pm Central. Kills are active

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