Competitive Tutoring Article!

I don't think this has been done before. So, here we go!

"The PS! community is great! We have our good users, bad users, spammers, trolls, informative users, an excellent staff team but most importantly, a battling simulator! On PS! users are able to battle it out in competitive battling. However, some users are just getting into the community and competitive Pokemon as a whole. They may be puzzled. Are you one of them? A good question to ask is "Where do I go to get tips?"
The answer to your question is none other than the "Competitive Tutoring" room! We have many experienced players there, and great users! In this room, we offer teambuilding tips, "Rate my Teams," moveset options and more. However, don't discuss "theorymonning!" Theorymonning is when you're thinking of your own Pokemon, moves, abilities, etc. The best place for that is probably the In-Game room or Lobby. Another thing to not discuss is "Suspect Tests." Save those for the tier specific rooms.

The staff users (% and above) are as followed:
Room Owners ( # ):
am, eyan, royalty, trinitrotoluene

Moderators ( @ ):
bottt, brokenwings, daawesomedude1, dell, exeggutor, hairytoenail, mraldopls, rob, truth, tyler0

Drivers ( % ):
incognitus, mkslayer97, serapisofthevgc, starmei
Be sure to talk to them if you need any assistance. They are great battlers!

Rules for "Rate my Teams" in the Competitive Tutoring Room:
1. Open up or
2. Click "Import / Export" in the Teambuilder.
3. Copy / Paste your team into Pastebin or Hastebin.
4. Press " Submit " and copy / paste us your link!
5. From there, you should receive assistance from the users in the room.
That's pretty much all you need to know about Competitive Tutoring!

Thank you for reading! If you don't know me, I am NiiTro! I'm also known as DropADraco on PS!


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hi, one of competitive tutoring's room owners here. we had an article about competitive tutoring authored by eyan and kreme in the works for a while now, but internal matters regarding smogon's three webzines (the smog, the player, the competitor) have caused it to be pushed aside for now. while i appreciate your eagerness to write an article about competitive tutoring, and since i am not one of the people who has permission to approve / deny article prompts for the player, i'm requesting that the staff of the player deny this prompt for now.

have a nice day.

e: iirc, posting permissions should be disabled in thread cryonics @_@
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