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Hey I was wondering if you had a Scrafty that was brave with Shed Skin. If you don't you think you could breed a 31/31/31/x/31/0 for me? Thanks :D
I already have so many Scraggy, breeding just for a Brave one isn't something that I think would be a good use of time for me. Hopefully one of my other Scraggy are acceptable. If so, let me know which one and VM me when you're ready to trade.
VGC Pokemon Request

Hey, sorry it's so late notice, but I'm competing in the VGC Atlanta tomorrow. Could I trade for a flamebody modest Litwick, a timid Dieno, and a modest zorua? Thanks!

Friend Code: 2279 6204 4155


let's play bw lc!
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Hey, I'm going to the Newark and D.C. Regionals. Can I have the Foongus, the Flash Fire Litwick, and the Timid Deino? Thanks in advance!

edit: I'm playing Senoirs.
Hey, I'm playing in the Virgina VGC next weekend, and I'm in need of 3 guys. If you are on and available, that would be awesome. My FC is 5372-1453-7243

Your inbox is full, so I couldn't message this to you.
Seconding the full inbox. I'm want to compete in Atlanta tomorrow, Masters Division. It'd be awesome if I could get the following pokemon:

Really sorry for the late notice.
My inbox is deliberately full because I was tired of getting Pokemon requests from people who can't follow instructions. -_-
VM. not PM. "Visitor Message." not "Private Message." You get to it from my profile. I'll meet you online in just a sec...
Can you possibly make a Bisharp with Suckerpunch, Adamant Nature, and 31/31/31/x/31/31 IVs?
Sure! That's a good idea.
I approved your other trade request, but am not giving people more than six Pokemon each, so which Pokemon from your last post would you like to replace with the Pawniard?

Thats what I want

Hey I'm pokeman42 or Oscar,I'll be at the LCQ for the Nationals,senior of course, since I didn't go to the the rionals here where I'm at,thank you so mutch anything you need check out my shop.
It's not too late to ask for pokemon is it? :D I had my eye on the Hidden Power Ice Thundorus, could I have one? :D

Hey, I'm Immortal_Lemon and I am competing in the VGC '11 East Regionals in Washington D.C. I have really been scrambling to get a good Landorous/thunderous, and if you could trade me these two (Or even one would work) before June 11th I would appreciate it a ton.
hi there! I'm slowly running out of time x_x I'm competing in the Newark VGC in the Masters Division. Would it be possible to get the shiny tirtouga with a nickname please? ^^


let's play bw lc!
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Sorry to bug you again, but I just realized I need a Terakion. Can I have your Jolly Terakion? Thanks!
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