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I think we are all getting close to the same page here? I agree with ginganinja and Doug on this one -- nothing needs to be overly complicated. If we're going to start CAP 20 after the Greninja Suspect Test, we should get started with this soon to have ample time to submit & critique concepts. Any other opinions need to be said here?


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We will make a new subforum called "CAP Concept Workshop" for submitting and refining Concepts for future CAP projects.

I will make a sticky announcement thread in the workshop titled "CAP Concept Workshop Overview" that contains the following OP:

Concept Workshop Overview said:
The Concept Workshop is a permanent, standing workplace for the Create-A-Pokemon Project in it's entirety.
This subforum replaces the existing CAP process whereby Concepts are submitted and discussed at the start of each individual CAP project. Now, here in the Concept Workshop, we will perpetually create and refine Concepts for CAP. The Concepts created here, are not restricted to be used for any specific CAP creation project. Approved Concepts will be eligible to be slated in any future CAP.

Concepts will be submitted to the stickied Concept Submissions thread.
Anyone can do this. The submission format is posted in the OP of the Concept Submissions thread, and is the same format we have always used for Concept Submissions. The QC Team may give basic feedback on Concepts, but the submission thread is not for detailed discussions.

In order for a Concept to be discussed in detail and refined by the community at large, a QC team member must create a dedicated Concept thread for a submitted concept.
This means that Concept submitters must convince at least one QC member that their concept is worth pursuing. In the dedicated Concept threads, the community will discuss the concept's merits and pitfalls and do high-level Simulations. Guidelines on Simulation content, format and critiques will be posted in the OP of each Concept thread.

The Concept QC Team will conclude Concept threads by marking them QC Approved.
All approved Concepts will be eligible for inclusion in the Concept slate for future CAP projects. The winning Concept of any CAP object will be permanently removed from the list of Approved Concepts, but all other non-winning Concepts on the slate will remain eligible for inclusion in later CAP slates.

If you would like to become a member of the Concept QC Team, please PM Birkal to apply.
That OP should pretty much explain the conclusion to most of the stuff we have been discussing in this policy review so far. I will make the new subforum and overview thread immediately.

However, there are now open questions about how to slate and/or discuss Concepts for each CAP. I will be making a new PR thread to discuss that policy. We could continue here in this thread, and I expect the remaining policy loose ends will not take very long to decide. But, this PR thread is getting a bit long in the tooth, and a fresh start on the remaining points should be a good thing!

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