Congrats to QxC4eva (and also some goodbyes)!


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Hey there,

Sorry I didn't post this any sooner, but I'm here to announce that QxC4eva has joined the ranks of the CAP moderators! You probably know this user best for his spearheading of the CAP 3D Modeling Project, which has brought our past creations into glorious three dimensions. What you might not know is that QxC is also a big, beefy brainiac who has been helping behind the scenes with how we do polling in CAP on a mechanical and programming level. While we don't share much of that information out (for the purposes of keeping vote manipulation to a minimum), it's safe to say that CAP polling would not be nearly as accurate and efficient without QxC's prolonged contributions over several years. We're happy to announce him as a CAP Staff member! You might see him as Tomomon on Discord, but make sure to give him a big ol' congrats!

Finally, I'd like to announce formally a few more CAP moderator retirements. SHSP stepped down to retire many months ago, but I'd like to formally thank him for his contributions here. You know him best for being the Topic Leader of CAP26: Equilibra, which has gone down as one of our favorite CAPs. He did a lot of work to formalize the competitive side of the CAP project, and we thank him as he heads off to the busyness of life! Jho has also stepped down recently, but is still actively around the Smogon community (most notably in NatDex, where he's a tier leader and moderator; check it out!). He was a fantastic Room Owner for CAP, made several large contributions towards the competitive side of CAP's growth, and also managed the Surging Snaelstroms for back-to-back CAPPL wins. And finally, I want to give a big thanks to cbrevan, who also recently stepped down from a moderator position. cbrevan will go down as one of the CAP moderator greats, from his constant dedication to the CAP Room as a RO, to the heavy lifting he did during the Gen7 and Gen8 CAP updates and revisions. These were some of the most enormous projects CAP has ever seen, and cb was a fantastic and decisive leader throughout it all.

Make sure to thank SHSP, Jho, and cbrevan as you see them around our community. Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication to CAP!

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Late congratulations for QxC for becoming mod! Would like to give a shout out to the amazing 3D sprites that are created by the Modeling Team!

I have not been very involved with the CAP project since CAP25, but good luck to SHSP, Jho, and cbrevan! You all have made an impact on the CAP project, so thank you!

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