Consecutive Fishing!

Oddly enough, got a chain of 126, found nothing. But then I switched location, and "BAM!" shiny Clauncher on a chain of 41. I guess that, no matter what, it all still comes down to luck.
My highest streak is 150 something and I never found a shiny. However 5 days later on a chain of 13 I got a shiny clauncher. Female and Relaxed. Whats up with getting all these female shinies?

I think chain fishing does come down to luck. However I'm going to try using a syncronizer and suction cups, to improve my chances of getting good natures and bites. If it doesn't work, then it doesn't matter but checking it out would be worth it.
I managed to get a shiny Relicanth on my 3rd cast (no suction cups or anything) so I'm not sure if it was actually a chain or just a random shiny encounter. Haven't had a chance to try anywhere else, though.


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Since my first post in this thread, I have chained more than 10 shinies through consecutive fishing. I am now convinced that I can pretty much guarantee I will catch a shiny every time I start a chain, it's just a question of how long it takes.

My shiny chains vary considerably -- I have had chains of length 12, 41, 28, 120, 98, 116, and 35 that I recorded and some others I didn't count specifically. But since I finally figured out how to FISH PROPERLY, I have never had a chain break before catching a shiny.

I could just be getting lucky, but my last several chains (8 or so, iirc) have all ended in a shiny. Every time I have had a chain break, it is because of a lapse in concentration or some other mistake that caused me to pull the line in too early or too late. I'm pretty sure my previously frustrating chain-ends were all because of my own fishing mistakes.

If you are having trouble keeping your chains going, here's what I do to ensure I always "fish correctly".

First off, if you aren't using a Sticky Hold/Suction Cups lead (fainted is fine), then you are going to waste a lot of time. I have found some fishing spots that appear to be very "lucky" in terms of getting long chains without a Sticky/Suction lead, but even the luckiest spots still break chains very, very quickly (no more than 10 or so in a row in good cases) compared to Sticky/Suction chains, which pretty much NEVER break if you are doing it right. With a Sticky/Suction lead, it's almost irrelevant where I fish these days. I can chain for as long as I want on any spot I want and get a "!!" alert on every cast.

Sometimes it takes a very long time for the "!!" to come, but with Sticky/Suction it always comes eventually. In the past, when my chains broke with the maddening "Nothing seems to be biting..." message, I am convinced it is because I had a long pause waiting for the "!!" and the anticipation combined with intense concentration on being sure to press the A button as soon as the "!!" appeared, made me actually press the button slightly and caused the chain to break. I may be wrong, but after adopting a superior fishing technique, I NEVER break chains now when I have a Sticky/Suction lead.

The key to fishing is to press the A button as soon as you HEAR the sound made when the "!!" appears, not when you SEE the "!!" appear. I used to receive many "No! You reeled it in too fast/slow!" messages, before I learned to react to the sound and not the visual. If you are having trouble with it, here's my technique: Don't look at the screen at all. After I cast, I close my eyes or look away from the screen. I wait for the sound and press the A button as soon as I hear it. I use headphones and sit in a quiet room, which makes it even easier to chain consistently. To prevent "squeezing" the DS, which I have found leads to me accidentally pressing the A button -- I set the DS on a table and rest my finger lightly on the A button.

By doing the above, I have caught all the shiny fish-mons I want. Some chains take a while, but they come eventually every time now. Good luck with your fishing!
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Hi guys, I'm new here and I just registered to share my recent chain fishing experience with you. I successfully caught a shiny Octillery and Poliwhirl some days ago, so I was really happy this actually works for me, too. For the last two days, I tried to catch the classic shiny Magikarp, haven't had any success until now. I was reading through some posts here and chain fished on the side. On the first spot (Route 22 at the end of the stream, right corner between the stones) I chained like 120-140 and nothing happend. Then I decided to move to the left side of the stream - shiny Magikarp on the effing FIRST try.
What do you think, does this mean there is some kind of hidden counter besides the length of the chain? I mean, I deliberately broke the chain by moving but still got the Shiny on the first try.


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What do you think, does this mean there is some kind of hidden counter besides the length of the chain? I mean, I deliberately broke the chain by moving but still got the Shiny on the first try.
Similar thing happened to me last night. I spent an hour or so chaining, getting several (i don't know how many) chains around 15-20. Upon starting a new chain, I encountered a shiny Relicanth on the third cast. I spent another hour chaining further, breaking off at high amounts. This morning I chained 77 straight then broke. I started a new chain and about 10 casts in, found a shiny Dragalge (finally, my first Kalos native shiny). Perhaps this hidden counter (if there is one) actually tallies up your total successful casts until you encounter a shiny, so I estimate that both shinies were found at ~100 casts.
i found my first wild shiny by unintenionally using this method it was a basculine and it killed itself on my ferrothorn who was holding a rocky helmet i actually don't really collect them and i would rather find it naturally without things like pokeradar or consecutive fishing or masua method just walking through the grass and finding a shiny
Its not letting me even get a chain I fish like im supposed to and as soon as I KO the Pokemon run or catch it doesn't automatically fish again, what am I doing wrong?
You have to manually fish; i.e. every time you get done with a battle you have to press Y again, select fishing rod, etc. Your chain continues as long as you don't move from the spot. There are no outside indicators that you are chain fishing, unlike with PokeRadar, however you can go to the fishing house on Route 16 to see your record for your longest fishing chain. Alternatively you can keep a tally in a notebook if you would like to keep track of your chains. Refer to the OP or any number of other posts in this thread for more info as I believe most of the basics have been covered. Have a nice day!
minute 6:17 she is not doing it manually. I have done this before but forgot and it did it automatically and my record was 25, tryed it your way counter 30 and talked to the guy and he said it was still 25... to chain it has to do it automatically.
minute 6:17 she is not doing it manually. I have done this before but forgot and it did it automatically and my record was 25, tryed it your way counter 30 and talked to the guy and he said it was still 25... to chain it has to do it automatically.
She is doing it manually, just setting the Good Rod as her only "Y" thing and pressing Y. You just don't see the Y menu.
But I have done it before not manually it did it automatically. If you beat your own record and talk to the guy he supposed to tell you how much you got I got 25 before when the rod did it itself, and not I did it this way and talked to the guy he said I still had 25 when i got 30 that time... oh well...
I might've unveiled something behind the fisherman's hints as to what is a good consecutive fishing spot or not. Correct me if I'm wrong:

I want to get more Heart Scales for the Move Relearner, so I start fishing in Cyllage City. I then figure I should use consecutive fishing to find a shiny (not Luvdisc) after thieving some Heart Scales. Why not, see how long a chain I can get without a Suction Cups pokemon? As it turns out, the chain was long enough for me to fish up a shiny Clauncher (pretty sure I fished over 150 pokemon in a row). I had chains break before when I didn't have a Suction Cups pokemon, so seeing a chain go on this long made me wonder if the indent in which I fished mattered. If so, then, huzzah, there's a way to fish consecutively without requiring a Suction Cups pokemon to start.

Here's the spot in northwest Cyllage, if anyone wants to try it out (sorry for bad quality image):
Is it true that switching rods will increases the odds of a shiny appearing?
if you were using synchronise instead of sticky hold or suction cups you lose on the fish biting however, if you fish at a spot where its closed of on all 3 sides, such as rocks, and deep water that can mitigate the loss of suction or sticky hold.

switching rod works, I just chain fished at the little lake at route 3 and just got a shiny goldeen 4-5 chains.
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Everyone's got these long chains... I found my first shiny on my 8th of the chain and my 9th total mon fished up. I had just gotten my Old Rod xD
Wow, I gotta try this out. It seems catching shiny pokemon has been made so much more simple. I've caught in total about 4 throughout the generations but it seems x and y gives us better options to get them. I like that its not that hopeless anymore.
I'm just saying but if you fish between rocks (3 tiles blocked by rocks) you don't need Suction Cups (Using Synchronize would be very safe, then :D)
Source: I did 70 consecutive reels without Suction Cups and the fishing guy confirmed that for me.
Happy Fishing guys!
(If anyone has a pic of a good spot to chain-fish for Staryu on Route 8, please let me know. I would appreciate it.)
EDIT: I got 88th reels and I broke it because people talked to me. (no shiny)
After this, I went for a different spot to fish and got a Shiny Staryu at 30th reel.
Spot matters? Maybe. This would be too hard to confirm, though.
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i was grinding heart scales and got a shiny luvdisc after only about 7 or 8
looking at this thread, i'm guessing that was pretty lucky

cant say
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I usually try this when I farm heart scales but never get more than 7-8, just went for 70 out of no where, no shiny though... it got so boring!

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