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Hello! I'm relatively new member of smogon community (joined forums in december last year), but I use your guides since 2009. And I want to be an official distributor. I participated in almost all giveaways starting from january 2017 and recieved 44/54 pokemon since then (including today's serperior, if it means something). I can be avaliable at 10 AM, 1 PM and rarely at 6PM, since I live in GMT +3 and 10 AM is 6 PM for me. Discord is familiar to me, know how to use it. And I can clone pokemon with powersaves. Hope that it'd be enough to become a good distributor :)

We currently have a full roster of distributors so applications are suspended until further notice. Thanks for the interest and we'll contact you if a slot opens up.

shiny finder pls lock the thread :)


Bad guys never look back.
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We are in need of more distributors.

All you need to do is receive the giveaway Pokemon, clone ~60 copies, and distribute them via GTS every other Saturday. Distributing takes 90 minutes aprox.

If you are interested in contributing to the SmogonU FB page these are the requirements.
  • Trustworthiness (this will be decided at our discretion, if you are - or ever have been - on the Wi-Fi blacklist then don't even bother).
  • Be available on Saturday at 10 AM, 1 PM, 6PM or 9PM [EST/UTC -5] to distribute.
  • Powersaves or any other device/method to clone.
  • Familiarity with IRC/Discord (to coordinate the whole thing when it's live).
  • Commitment. We're looking for long term contributors that will help us increase our output of Pokemon.
If helping out of the goodness of your heart isn't enough incentive, those who help out regularly (and for a long time) will be eligible for the Social Media Contributor Badge (
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Post here if you're interested in joining and we'll contact you via PM. :toast:


We aren't looking for donations atm. Donations will be requested on demand. Thanks!

Looking for new people.

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