Gen 8 Copperajah QC 0/2


name: Standard
move 1: Stealth rock / Substitute
move 2: Heavy Slam
move 3: Power Whip
move 4: Heat Crash / Superpower / Earthquake / Stone Edge
item: Leftovers
ability: Heavy Metal
nature: Adamant
evs: 96 HP / 72 Atk / 252 SpD / 88 Spe

Copperajah has some stiff competition from the other steel type rock setters in the tier such as Bronzong, Metagross, Steelix and Registeel. The trait that sets Copperajah apart is its coverage. While other steel types only have earthquake as coverage, Copperajah’s power whip lets it hit bulky water types like Milotic and Suicune super effectively. The fourth slot can be heavily customized to fit the needs of your team. Heat crash is the most preferred option due to its high base power and ability to hit steel types and Vileplume, but earthquake, stone edge and superpower are all viable options to hit a range of targets like Guzzlord, Incineroar, Umbreon and Golisopod. However, while Copperajah threatens big damage and does not fold easily to most attackers, its low defense stats make it less sturdy than it first appears and its low speed makes it vulnerable to momentum moves and generally make it a liability when at a disadvantage. Instead of heavy slam, sheer force+iron head is an option that deals more damage to Rhyperior, Guzzlord and other steel types but does noticably less damage against everything else.
The speed EVs on this set are there to outspeed Rhyperior and Dhelmise, though more speed can be put in to outspeed other targets. 168 speed EVs will let it outspeed Vileplume and Registeel, getting a chance to move before either a strength sap or thunder wave. Copperajah has a lot of room for customization in its EVs depending on whether it is running substitute and how offensive it wants to be. The listed spread lets its sub survive a scald from Milotic and seismic toss with the rest put into attack.
Copperajah fits well on bulky offense and balance teams, being somewhat splashable as a steel type rocker and substitute sets are a good way to add a strong steel type to teams using Rhyperior or Seismitoad as their rock setter. Copperajah greatly appreciates Umbreon as a teammate, as it greatly benefits from wish to keep it healthy and heal bell to shrug off any scald burns.
Until Copperajah’s coverage moves are known, it can be difficult to switch in. However, once all its attacks are visible Copperajah will always have some gap in its coverage such as Incineroar for sets without a rock or ground move, Guzzlord for sets without Superpower and Bronzong or Vileplume for sets without Heat Crash. However, the best way to keep Copperajah in check is to keep up consistent offensive pressure, particularly with pokemon that can hit it super effectively such as Nidoqueen, Pangoro, Heracross, Flygon and Entei can keep it from safely switching in.

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