Multi-gen Coronavirus Premier League V - Round 1 (Tiebreaker at post 552)


where do we all go to die
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:Zeraora: THE REAL ATL :Zeraora: vs.:Qwilfish: Tricking if you see this l2p :Qwilfish:

Bo5 Classic - Dread Arceus vs. Raiza
Bo5 Classic - fakenagol vs. Tricking
Bo3 Tour - John W vs. Niko
SS OU - 100percentpureheat vs. Empo
SS Monotype - Sabella vs. H.M.N.I.P

:Squirtle: The Zoomers :Squirtle: vs. :sirfetchd: Lansa a Braba :sirfetchd:

Bo5 Classic - Nalorium vs. Askov
Bo5 Classic - Vaboh vs. Hyogafodex
Bo3 Tour - TioDragonite vs. Eternal Spirit
SS OU - Stareal vs. mncmt
SS Monotype - Maki vs. HANTSUKI

Deadline is Sunday, November 22nd at 23:59 GMT -5. Schedule publicly and competently to avoid risking activity losses.

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