Pokémon Corsola - Galar

Base Stats: 60 HP | 55 Atk | 100 Def | 65 SpA | 100 SpD | 30 Spe

Abilities: Weak Armor | Cursed Body (H)

[Notable Moves]
Level Up Moves:
- [01] Tackle
- [01] Harden
- [05] Astonish
- [10] Disable
- [15] Spite
- [20] Ancient Power
- [25] Hex
- [30] Curse
- [35] Strength Sap
- [40] Power Gem
- [45] Night Shade
- [50] Grudge
- [55] Mirror Coat
Egg Moves:
- Haze
- Confuse Ray
- Nature Power
- Destiny Bond
- Water Pulse
- Head Smash
- [TM15] Dig
- [TM16] Screech
- [TM17] Light Screen
- [TM18] Reflect
- [TM19] Safeguard
- [TM20] Self-Destruct
- [TM21] Rest
- [TM22] Rock Slide
- [TM24] Snore
- [TM25] Protect
- [TM27] Icy Wind
- [TM28] Giga Drain
- [TM31] Attract
- [TM32] Sandstorm
- [TM33] Rain Dance
- [TM34] Sunny Day
- [TM35] Hail
- [TM36] Whirlpool
- [TM38] Will-O-Wisp
- [TM39] Facade
- [TM48] Rock Tomb
- [TM51] Icicle Spear
- [TM54] Rock Blast
- [TM55] Brine
- [TM76] Round
- [TM77] Hex
- [TM81] Bulldoze
- [TM98] Stomping Tantrum
- [TR01] Body Slam
- [TR03] Hydro Pump
- [TR04] Surf
- [TR05] Ice Beam
- [TR06] Blizzard
- [TR10] Earthquake
- [TR11] Psychic
- [TR17] Amnesia
- [TR20] Substitute
- [TR26] Endure
- [TR27] Sleep Talk
- [TR33] Shadow Ball
- [TR46] Iron Defense
- [TR49] Calm Mind
- [TR63] Power Gem
- [TR67] Earth Power
- [TR75] Stone Edge
- [TR76] Stealth Rock
- [TR84] Scald
- [TR95] Throat Chop
- [TR98] Liquidation
All Moves

- Curse
- Strength Sap
- Power Gem
- Night Shade
- Mirror Coat
- Haze
- Destiny Bond
- Light Screen
- Reflect
- Icy Wind
- Will-O-Wisp
- Rock Tomb
- Iron Defense
- Calm Mind
- Stealth Rock


- Galarian Corsola is one of the bulkiest pokemon in the metagame with base 100 defences backed up with Eviolite and the fantastic mono-ghost defensive typing giving it only two weaknesses makes it extremely hard to take down. It is analogous with USUM's Porygon2 in this regard.
- Mono Ghost Typing means that Max Knuckle, which raises attack, will fail, neutering pokemon that rely on this strategy to become strong.
- Combined with this, Galarian Corsola has a significant supporting movepool containing Will-o-Wisp and Strength Sap that allows it to cripple physical attackers such as Gyarados, Excadrill, Barraskewda and Hawlucha. It also gets Stealth Rock, Icy Wind/Rock Tomb and Curse, allowing it to function as a lead rocker.
- Cursed Body is an interesting ability for a defensive pokemon and the disables can be critical in turning the tides of battles.


- Despite its great bulk, it has very lackluster offensive stats, essentially relying on Night Shade in order to not get substituted on, similar to previous walls such as Chansey which relied on Seismic Toss. Substitute blocks Will-o-wisp and Strength Sap, two of Galarian Corsola's key tools.
- It is crippled by pokemon carrying Taunt and weak to strong ghost/dark type special attackers such as Gengar, Dragapult and Hydreigon.
- Other walls can sit in on it, such as Ferrothorn or Toxapex and leech seed or status it, but both do dislike taking Will-o-Wisp.
- The loss of recover and regenerator from USUM makes it more reliant on Strength Sap, which whilst an excellent, is an inconsistent form of recovery.
- Corsola-Galar seems quite 1 Dimensional in what it will be doing.

[Dynamaxing Potential]
- This pokemon prefers not to dynamax so as to be able to use status moves such as strength sap to tank opposing hits.

[Potential Movesets]

Corsola-Galar @ Eviolite
Ability: Cursed Body
Level: 50
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Strength Sap
- Will-O-Wisp
- Night Shade
- Stealth Rock / Haze / Spite / Curse / Mirror Coat / Iron Defence

This I believe unless there are specific specially defensive benchmarks made for Galarian Corsola will likely be its main set. Strength Sap is needed to Tank through Dynamaxed weather sweeper hits. Will-o-wisp cripples physical attackers and Night Shade gives consistent damage. Galarian Corsola is so weak offensively that Night Shade does more to most opponents than boosted Hex. The last move is a toss up between Stealth Rock, Haze, Spite and Curse. I believe that this depends mostly on teammates. Haze is good for SD Hawlucha and SD Excadrill in particular, preventing these pokemon from setting up with the aim of getting the burn. Stealth Rock can be good from the lead position perhaps combined with Curse. Spite may work as a potential option vs. Choice locked pokemon. Iron Defence might be a route to set up alongside opposing pokemon similar to what Skarmory does in USUM.

Other potential routes to go with Galarian Corsola include Dual Screens, but since Eviolite is required it seems likely that this is suboptimal. Rock Tomb/Icy Wind as speed control are also noteworthy.
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I love that G-Corsola althogh entry hazards are close to not existant in 3v3 BBS. Id pick between Confuse Ray, Mirror Coat, Curse and Iron Defense. I tried Haze for a while but there really wasnt a scenario in which it was the move where it would have won me the match.
I think Scald could be worth a slash on slot 4 for that set. If you get Taunted by various mons like Gyarados, it still gives you an option to burn them which can be clutch. Also gives you a form of damage output against Normal types.

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