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So there's a new room on Pokemon Showdown called Cosmopolitan. It's pretty much Free Time but better! I would love to able to write an Article on this room and how it has improve from it's previous version of it and how the people and staff are in the room. What we discuss in there, The daily facts that are given out. Such as this one:
  • Today's Wildlife: The Beluga Sturgeon, one of the largest freshwater fish. The generally accepted record for the it caught is 24 ft (7.2 meters) and 3463 lbs (1,571 kg) in 1872. Currently they are critically endangered because of poaching for caviar.
There's a cool and very new command that is .Wildlife that gives the current implemented fact about, well, Wildlife! The fact is always interesting. That's not all there is too! There's CoTD which stands for "Celebrity of the Day" there's also a command that displays something interesting that happened on this exact day which is updated daily of course. This room is really cool and interesting and I would love to get more people to join it by getting it the exposure that it deserves.
I'm asking the staff of the room for permission right now. BulbaSword is fine with it but he's asking the rest of the staff.


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