Cosmopolitan Contest - Spring 2018!


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Cosmopolitan Photo Contest - Spring 2018
Spring is here! Don’t you love the singing of birds and blossoming flowers? Is that how spring is for you? Maybe spring is a homemade meal with fresh vegetables and fruit, or a pastel colored sundress. Yes? No? Then tell us what spring is for you with Cosmopolitan’s Spring Contest of 2018! Submit a picture that conveys how you see spring!

1. Contestants will submit a picture of a landscape, dish, or whatever it may be that represents spring to them!
2. Contestants will upload their photo on Imgur.
3. Contestants must submit their photo on this Google Forum.
4. You have until May 25th to submit. Results posted on May 31st.

1. You must own a registered Pokémon Showdown account in order to take part to the contest.
2. You’re only allowed one submission.
3. Submitted photos must be relevant. (Irrelevant, troll, and NSFW submissions will not be shown on the voting sheet, and the user that submitted them might be punished.)
4. You must not edit the picture to add details that weren’t present in the first place. Slightly modifying the contrast or the brightness to strengthen an emotion is okay, but keep in mind that it is a photography contest, not a drawing contest.
5. The photo MUST have been taken by you. Stealing someone else’s picture or using one you found on the Internet will instantly disqualify you.
6. During the voting phase, you’ll only be allowed to vote once. Whoever votes twice will see their votes removed, and their submission in the contest will also be removed if they have one.
7. Those who got caught cheating in the last contest will not be eligible to participate in this one
8. Winner must have or be willing to make an Amazon account so that they can receive their prize

1. Every picture will be displayed on our website, so that everyone is able to see the results.
2. First place gets a 25$ Amazon Gift Card!

Hosting this contest is....

( •⌔•) The lovely Arrested and me! Feel free to ask us, or any Cosmo staff questions if you have any. (•⌔• )
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The moment you've all been waiting for...

Results were announced yesterday afternoon in the room, and I'm here to bring you our top ten placers! First and foremost I would like to thank everyone that participated and voted on the submissions, we had a lot of fun organizing it and hosting it for you guys and we hope you enjoyed being a part of it, we couldn't have done it without you guys, and we love hosting for you guys.
Coming in 1st place was Dr. Elite! - Taking our 2nd place spot was Winry! - Placing in 3rd, we have mhbkh! - 3rd - yung xan takes 4th - Shadow Sirens takes 5th - Mimikyu_the_Mochi takes 6th - TuxedoNerd & Umbra Aura tie for 7th - & (respectively)
CreatingVoid - 8th - Saburo - 9th - KeptTheLight - 10th -
Once again thank you to everyone who participated, and stay tuned for more photo contests we hold in the future! :toast:
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