crazy_man's Hidden Power Breeding Program (Now with Nest Ball Treecko)

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Hey man, it's me again and I have a rash yveltal in a luxury ball with a iv spread of 31/31/21/31/31/23 keep in mind that since this is at lvl 50 I might be off by an iv or two, do you want it now or would you like me to keep resetting?
New addition to the thread:


HP Ice Eevee------------or HP Grass Eevee
31/even/30/31/31/31 or 31/even/31/30/31/31
Timid | Run Away or Adaptability -> Volt Absorb
Hey man, I was falling in love with them when I saw them for the first time!
I'd have to search for something I could offer to you but I just wanted to make sure you're even willing to trade them.
Are you?
Talking about: Shiny Nidoking & shiny hawlucha

Btw, I now can clone too, just got Pokémon X&Y versions in Order to do that.
Best greetings 2U :-)
The Nidoking is mine and was a part of giveaway I did so I can let you clone a free copy for yourself.

Hawlucha however isn't wasn't mine and I won it in a giveaway.
May I have a HP fire HA Modest Bulbasaur? I can offer:

Buneary in love ball
Bold/Jolly 5IV (-spa) Klutz/Cute Charm
EM: Ice Punch, Switcheroo, Fake Out, Cosmic Power, Encore (pick 4)

Impish 5IV (-spa) Big Pecks
EM: Knock Off

Modest 5IV (-att) Serene Grace

Adamant 6IV Moxie
EM: Fake Out, Drain Punch, Detect, Zen Headbutt
Hey man, I recieved a vulpix a month or two ago from a streamer I used to watch that was given in a giveaway. It's a shiny Vulpix, 6IV in a moonball, however it's rash natured, I don't know what he was going for tbh. Flash fire for the ability, EM's - Disable, Hypnosis, Spite and Hex. I don't know if this would be any use for you? Sorry that I can't name it, but it is in a moon ball, which is pretty annoying to get a hold of, but anyway let me know man, nice thread btw :)
No problem man, I don't really see what he was doing with a rash Vulpix, anything in particular you would like to trade for a HP Fire Bulbasaur?
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