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Announcement Cutting Out Useless Information in your Analysis


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For some reason, Leo is a stupid idiot poop face and didn't make a thread on something so important but this is why I exist, to pick up the slack of the tyranny brought on by C&C dictator Leo. I highly advise you to read my post in the thread I linked above to get a better idea, but if you're lazy like Leo, than I'll just explain it here. Cutting out information that is already self-explanatory is the main idea, such as "Earthquake is a reliable STAB move that deals damage to Fire-types". The average analysis reader is smart enough to realize that Earthquake is a Ground-type move, as well as why it's being used on an offensive Ground-type like Lando or Garchomp. We are looking to reduce the massive amount of redundancy that appears in a lot of analysis and focus more on the actual competitive aspect of the Pokemon itself. We want to handhold our readers but not so much to a point where every analysis is telling them what they already know. Otherwise, if they don't know what an ability or move does, they should look it up elsewhere on the onsite analysis, which has its own move/ability data base.

The purpose of an analysis is to educate them on the Pokemon first and foremost. If you're having trouble following, here's a better reference. I'll list some examples of stuff to look out for when writing an analysis to avoid being redundant:
  • Explaining why a STAB move is good on a Pokemon
  • Explaining a self-explanatory EV spread such as 252 Attack/252 Speed on an offensive Pokemon
  • Explaining the mechanics of an ability
  • Explaining the mechanics of an item
  • Other miscellaneous information in usage tips. For example, explaining why it's bad to switch Volcarona in on Stealth Rock, or why you shouldn't hard switch Mega Medicham into powerful attacks. Those are things that even very inexperienced battlers should understand on their own.
  • Unviable options in OO. Only viable options that aren't good enough for sets but have their niche.

  • Multiple STAB move choices such as Hydro Pump/Scald
  • Coverage moves and their purpose
  • Non explanatory EV spread, alternative EV spread, and multiple natures
  • Multiple items and their purpose
  • What the ability does for the Pokemon, if needed
  • Important usage tips that effectively explain how to use the Pokemon that the average reader wouldn't necessarily know

Keep in mind, that there might be some exceptions to these rules depending on the analysis or set, so it's up to you as the writer and QC to make the proper call. Also, do NOT purposely use filler in order to flesh out a section. If a Pokemon has literally nothing worth putting in OO for example, simply mention something like "This Pokemon has no other options" and move on.

If you have any questions, feel free to send Leo a PM but he probably wont answer so you can PM me or GMars. Keep in mind that you don't HAVE to follow this to a T, but QC will probably tell you to remove certain pieces of information anyway, so you're simply just saving yourself some work by doing this beforehand.
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