Daily Giveaways (Done)

What do you like to see on giveaways?

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Deposited a lv. 1 (F) Gligar.
IGN: Stephen
Request: Ludicolo
Message: Bluemew

Thanks for everything!
The Gligar I deposited is in a Dream Ball with its HA and 4 EMs.
IGN: DeadPendulum
Deposit: lvl 25, male, Gloom
Message: Bluemew

If you like.. Ludicolo.. and getting caught int the rain! :)

Thanks alot ^^
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Could I please get a Ludicolo?

Deposited a level 28 female Linoone with the message Bluemew., IGN is May.

Thanks for the giveaway.
Thank you for the Espeon, Bluemew. I would like to request the Ludicolo as well, I haven't got one. :)

Deposit: Scatterbug, Level 1, Male
IGN: Sapphire
Message: Bluemew

Thank you in advance!
Deposit-Lv14 female roselia
Request-Ludicolo please n_n
Any pokeball is alright

Thanks in advance!
(btw thank you very much for the espeon *-*)
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