Tournament DCL I - Player Signups [Custom Avatar Prize, SIGNUPS CLOSED]

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User name: sempra

Time Zone GMT-6

Discord Tag semprq

Tiers Preferred SV VGC

Availability Sun-Mon all day, Tuesday-Friday after schoollll

Player Info 5th worlds 23 (regulation D)
won a regional on reg b

want to play VGC
User name: JustRaffe

Time Zone GMT-5

Discord Tag raffebs

Tiers Preferred SV Paldea

Availability Most of the time on weekends and usually during the week after school.

Player Info Hi! I'm a skilled singles player who want to join a draft league. I know a lot about the format and when I'm often not battling, I will try to make a team and then use that on the ou ladder. I love making teams and using interesting strategies. I think joining a draft league would be great for me and I would love if I was picked! You can dm me at any time.
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