deetah's Sprite Thread!

Hello everybody, I've been into spriting a lot recently, and I'd like to share my work with everyone! I don't have much yet, but I will update with more stuff as time goes on. I can do trainer sprites, fusions, recolors, and can sometimes do complete custom sprites but I may need a base provided. I hope you enjoy my art! If you do want to use any of my sprites, let me know beforehand and please give me credit if applicable. Feel free to make a request, and I'll see what I can do!

Trainer Sprites: (80x80) (58)
CynthiaAndMegaGarchomp (1).png
WallaceAndLotad (1).png
RebornMeowsticFAndCain (1).png
VolknerAndTsareena (1).png
PlatinumTrainerAndEmpoleon (1).png
GardeniaAndCelebi (1).png
MarleyAndMienshao (1).png
UmbrellaTrainerAndGirafarig (1).png
DraydenAndHakamo-o (1).png
AnabelAndEspeon (1).png
RileyAndLucario (1).png
RangerAndHawlucha (1).png
FlintAndInfernape (1).png
BW2KidAndMienshaoRecolored (1).png
GiovanniAndScrafty (1).png
ShadowTriadMegaManectric (1).png
PartyWhitneyAndGengar (1).png
JanineAndRoserade (1).png
BikerAndYanmaRecolor (1).png
SoccerPlayerAndScizor (1).png
RangerAndTomohawk (1).png
BiancaAndShinySerperior (1).png
PryceAndFroslass (1).png
IrisAndBuneary (1).png
ElesaAndShinyMeloetta (1).png
BrawlyAndTyphlosion (1).png
TheJokerAndGengar (1).png
FemaleRangerAndHawlucha (1).png
GiovanniAndTyranitar (1).png
RachelAndMew (1).png
RangerAndLedian (1).png
KimonoGirlAndClefairy (1).png
Avatar34AndCyclohm (1).png
Avatar62AndChespin (1).png
ChandelureAndPoliceman (1).png
SabrinaAndHaunter (1).png
AcerolaAndMimikyu (1).png
ZinniaAndBagon (1).png
IrisAndAxew (1).png
BikerAndHitmonchan (1).png
VolknerAndShinyPichu (1).png
Avatar34AndShinyMeditite (1).png
Avatar185AndBurmy (1).png
Avatar208AndShinyFrillish (1).png
Avatar253AndShinyRockruff (1).png
KahiliAndShinySwanna (1).png
Avatar82AndEmpoleon (1).png
Avatar69AndShinySquirtle (1).png
Avatar99AndShinyNinetales (1).png
Avatar3AndShinyPonyta (1) (1).png
JasmineAndThreeMagnemite (1).png
AnabelAndRaikou (1).png
RedAndShinyCharizard (1).png
Avatar20AndRowlet (1).png
Avatar176AndBraviary (1).png
KarenAndKrokorok(Karen) (1).png

(96x96): (6)
HoOhAndTrainer (1).png
PoliceBisharpPawniard (1).png
GiovanniAndKyuremBlack (1).png
WinonaAndMegaAltariaRecolored (1).png
Avatar255AndTalonflame (1).png
Avatar99AndMegaCharizardX (1).png

Banners: (1)

Here's some special stuff that I made for people!

For Ceteris Paribus: (Thank you to Kalalokki for fixing it up)

For Mitsuki: (With help from UnleashOurPassion)
Mitsuki (1).png

For yogi: (Credit to antares for the base, I just ironed it out)
yogi (1).png

For TJ: (Big thanks to Maxalexanderpi on the Dragonite)
tjay (1).png
tjay (4).png

All for Simia: (Credit to Wobblebuns for the trainer base)
Simia (1).png
Simia2 (1).png
Simia5 (1).png
Simia7 (1).png
Simia9 (1).png
Simia11 (1).png
Simia13 (1).png
Simia15 (1).png
Simia17 (1).png
Simia19 (1).png
Simia20 (1).png

For Arrested:
Arrested (1).png

For Lionyx: (Credit to Modeling Clay for Elsa)
Lionyx (1).png

For A Cake Wearing A Hat:
ACakeWearingAHat (1).png

Fusions: (11)
Names and typing for each fusion, left to right:
Quilliup - Water / Fire
Alakareena - Grass / Psychic
Zemanitan - Fire / Psychic
Clefelia - Fairy / Grass
Volcaroobat - Psychic / Flying
Tapu Hitmonish - Fighting
Xaichu - Psychic / Electric
Crawviler - Water / Dark
Suicuno - Water / Flying
Vigorlava - Fire / Normal
Charibone - Rock / Flying
QuilavaPrinplup (1).png
AlakazamTsareena (2).png
ZenDarmanitan (1).png
RoseliaClefable (1).png
Volcaroobat (1).png
TapuHitmonish (1).png
Xaichu (1).png
Crawviler (1) (1).png
Suicuno (2).png
Vigorlava (1).png
Charibone (1).png

Miscellaneous: (20)

Dragoknight (1).png
RaichuPachirisuEmolga (1).png
GarchompLine (1).png
MepaLopunnyAndBuneary (1).png
LuxrayLine (1).png
InfernapeLine (1).png
ConkeldurrLine (1).png
DragoniteLine (1).png
EmpoleonLine (1).png
FlygonLine (1).png
CelebiMimikyuAndMeloetta (1).png
MienshaoAndMienfoo (1).png
WhimsicottAndCottonee (1).png
ScraftyAndScraggy (1).png
DusknoirLine (1).png
BowtiePichuAndShinyLaprasDragonair (1).png
SwampertLine (1).png
XerneasAndLucarioLine (1).png
FlorgesLine (1).png
LeavannyLine (1).png

Trainer Recolors: (11)
250GhetsisRecolor (1).png
269GhetsisRecolor (1).png
ChandelurePoliceman (1).png
HaunterSabrina (1).png
LeivIRL (1).png
MaleBikerRecolored (1).png
NormanWithVolkner'sColors (1).png
PartyWhitney (1).png
TheJoker (1).png
MienshaoBW2Kid (1).png

Pokemon Recolors: (94)
MustardCharizard (1).png
Porygon-ZDusclops (1).png
ShinyGiratinaGarchomp (2).png
SlurpuffFlygon (1) (1).png
GengarEscavalier (1).png
AlolanMukSylveon (1).png
FloetteTrumbeak (1).png
SylveonZygardeComplete (1).png
MienshaoMonferno (1).png
ShinyMagnetonFlareon (1).png
FlareonMagneton (1).png
MaractusGolurk (1).png
HoundoomUrsaring (1).png
ReuniclusMagby (1).png
ScolipedeYungoos (2).png
MeloettaMantine (1).png
FeraligatrDonphan (1).png
SylveonHydreigon (1).png
ToxicroakOctillery (1).png
HoppipRhydon (1).png
BowserChesnaught (1).png
LugiaRaichu (1).png
MiloticHeatran (1).png
Mr.MimeTyrantrum (1).png
CelebiMimikyu (1).png
BraixenPachirisu (1).png
HuntailSnubbull (1).png
SuicuneMeloetta (1).png
SuuDusclops (1).png
CharizardMegaXFlareon (1).png
Ho-OhDarkrai (1).png
SpiritombSpinarak (1).png
GengarClefable (1).png
ClefableGengar (1).png
VolcanionLapras (1).png
ScraftyScraggy (1).png
GyaradosFeebas (1).png
SceptileCharizard (1).png
TangelaBootsAndHairSwapped (1).png
LuxioTorracat (1).png
TorracatLuxio (1).png
UmbreonDratiniMegaManectric (1).png
IrisRecoloredSylveon (1).png
RegisteelRotomFrost (1).png
MienshaoMienfoo (1).png
ShinyGolettSeismitoad (1).png
TorterraCharizard (1).png
GyaradosDragonite (1).png
SwirlixGiratina (1).png
GreninjaPolitoed (1).png
RegularNinetalesRecolorAlolanNinetales (1).png
AlolanMarowakTyphlosion (1).png
GastrodonEastWithWestColors (1).png
ShinyCharizardDiglett (1).png
CaterpieButterfree (1).png
OricorioPomPomCosmog (1).png
TapuKokoMegaGarchomp (1).png
MegaGarchompTapuKoko (1).png
AlolanMukDitto (1).png
PikachuGeodude (1).png
LickitungRhyhorn (1).png
RegiceOnix (1).png
DiglettMachoke (1).png
ElectabuzzHawlucha (1).png
GoomyCharizard (1).png
ShellderSlowbro (1).png
MegaAmpharosColorsBackwards (1).png
WartortleBraixen (1).png
BraixenWartortle (1).png
PawniardHonedge (1).png
ShinyAegislashNidoking (1).png
GrubbinFroakie (1).png
GurdurrElectabuzz (1).png
ShinyDiglettLickitung (1).png
ShinyPorygonPhanpy (1).png
ShinyMedichamLatios (1).png
ShinyLumineonLuxio (1).png
ShinyCrustleBraviary (1).png
ShinyGoomyHoopa (1).png
ShinyRibombeeSteenee (1).png
ShinyCelebiMeloetta (1).png
ShinyJigglypuffPsyduck (1).png
BlacephalonDitto (1).png
NidoranFAbra (1).png
EeveeMoltres (1).png
DarkraiSharpedo (1).png
SharpedoCarvanha (1).png
ShinyHo-OhVolcarona (1).png
ShinyHoOhHydreigon (1).png
ShinyHoOhPyroar (1).png
ShinyRayquazaKecleon (1).png
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Hey deetah, could you possibly make me the male ranger (the one with his hand on his cap, not the one with the lasso-looking thing) with a hawlucha? I’d appreciate it a lot. If there’s anything you need me to do for you, just let me know.
Clefable with Gengar colours
Scraggy with Scrafty colours
Feebas with Gyarados colours
Gyarados with Dragonair colours
Vice versa (These are the REAL evos and not the misbred genetic freak they have today)
Tangela with boots and tang(??) swapped
A Mega manectric with 1 part Umbreon dark and 1 part dratini pale, mr mimes beads on his hands colour on eyes)
Charizard with Sceptile green, the true dragon colour from my childhood
The little baby kid from bw2 (avatar 160 ...I think) with the colours of mienshao
Gym leader from flying gym in the hoenn region, 6th gym leader, with the colours of team rocket grunts (She was the bae of my childhood along with Phoebe from same region, they were so cute ❤️ So want that emo feel because why not?)

You know I don't need any of these but just like to sit and look at them and also you need to have something work on so you dont get bored gl ‍♀️

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