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Chapter 1: A Humble Beginning

I log on to IRC and plug in my headphones. It’s time to do some pokemons.

After having a short chat with Birkal, we decide that my starter (of the same name, of course) shall be Turtwig. I promptly start up the game and name my rival Brady after one of my friends, who always seems to be a little bit better than me at everything. This game gettin’ personal.

I appear in a room filled with dreams and potential, just as all of these games begin. I head outside to look for Brady, who seems to be looking for me.

When I find him, the kid nearly kills me with the door of his house. First impressions. Brady isn’t really the sort of fella you want to go to a lake with, searching for a red Gyarados, and yet, my ill-informed character leads me to him.

Never to think things through, Brady and I charge into the tall grass to find out what exactly is in Professor Rowan’s case. This is the part in the story where I meet my beautiful companion, Birkal.

After Birk wrecks the shit out of the Starly, I discover that my Birkal, like all who share his name, has the Naive nature. Go figure.

Now that we have some running shoes that I got from mommy, it’s time to head to Sandgem town.

Walking into the lab, I’m almost killed again by Brady and his stupid door opening. Just stay inside, buddy. Anyways, inside, we are finally able to bestow a name upon Turtwig, christening him Birkal. We have also acquired the herculean task of completing the Pokedex together.

In this Nuzlocke challenge, I will try my best to keep my frieda Birkal alive. We’ll see how it goes. That’s all for now.



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Chapter 2: The Coal Badge

I’ll spare you the boring details of learning how to catch a pokemon and walking around everywhere, and I’ll start straight up at Jubilife City. I meet up with Brady outside of town. We manage to beat up Starly without much of an issue, but taking down his Chimchar came down to 3 HP. Birkal missed a Tackle that almost cost me the game…come on kid.

On this route, we have the opportunity to catch a new teammate for us. The first pokemon I find is freaking Abra. I try to catch it, but it gets away. So much for that.

In the cave, I find myself a Geodude, and I capture it. After a long chat on IRC, I come up with the name.

[BOX]<%Deinosaur> hi
<%Deinosaur> i caught
<%Deinosaur> this geodude
<%Deinosaur> what should i name it
<+billymills> rock
<%Deinosaur> brilliant[/BOX]

So rock it is. Now we move on to Oreburgh. After a long day of training and preparing, we move on to face Roark. Birkal sits at level 14, while rock sits at level 10. This should be easy.

That was incredibly easy. Birkal, unlike normal, actually did something. I’m pretty proud. We receive the Coal badge, and now I go back to my couch to take a nap.



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Chapter 3: The Forest Badge

So we head off to the Valley Windworks with rock and Birkal to beat up on some nasty Team Plasma grunts. Along the way we meet a new friend, Shinx, and decide to name him THOR.

Unfortunately, he won't be used much in the future, probably as death fodder. :c

But nonetheless, we move on to the Valley Windworks and we bust through the doors and rock annihilates everyone in his path. The scientist can see his daughter again. What a lovely reunion.

We head north and many trainers block our path to Eterna Forest. Although Birkal sucks, he manages to get through most of them without a scratch. Partway through however, we witness a magical scene where something special happens. Birkal has reached level 18.

Our little Birkal is growing up. Into the awkward middle child of the Turtwig evolution line...cute.

And here we are, the great Eterna Forest. We find someone very lost, and it looks like we'll have to help them through. Thinking about our current team, the battle at Eterna will likely be long and boring. Oh joy.

After getting distracted on IRC for a while, we come back to the gym in Eterna. It is really boring using Tackle from Birkal, but it's getting the job done...

AND ITS OVER. Luckily Birkal picked up Bite, so that went much quicker.

And thats all, Birkal is level 23, rock is level 18, and Thor is level 4. Later guys!



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Okay, this Let's Play is going to be completely overhauled. I was not satisfied with the results that I had been producing, and I'm positive you guys weren't either. This is going to look a little more like IAR's Scramble Challenge (that is the current update, you all should really follow him!). Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 4: Hearthome City

Where we left off, Birkal had narrowly taken out Gym Leader Gardenia at Eterna City. After restoring my mons at the Pokemon Center, I headed to the mart to stock up on some things. As it stood, I had a little over 9000 pokedollars, and we can't just let that go to waste. ;) What's with all the Team Galactic grunts walking around? What's the big idea, eh? This is when I notice a huge building looming over the city. Three trees guard the entrance. How convenient I just gained the ability to cut trees! Wait, why wasn't I using Cut before? It is much better than Tackle...oh well. Now you have it, Birk.

Now that we're inside, grunts are lining up to fight me. Its high time we train up rock, he's been slacking off while we faced the grass types. I basically search out everyone in the building to battle, its not like they can even dent rock. Pretty much as soon as I say that, a Kadabra gets lucky with Confusion, and rock almost bites the dust. He stays alive with a measly 5 HP, and we are forced to sacrifice THOR the Shinx. But with that, we move to Commander Jupiter with a fully healed rock.

The battle begins and she leads with Zubat that hits rock with an unexpected Giga Drain. He barely survives that one. Now comes out Skuntank, and I use this turn to heal. Skuntank tries to Smokescreen rock, but he hits with a Magnitude 7 for solid damage. And that's that. A KO with Magnitude 6, and we move on with our lives. Rock levels up as well from the last battle, an added bonus. After the fight, we go to restore our mons and pick up a couple things, namely the Explorer Kit and the Bicycle. I try to move south and meet Professor Rowan's assistant, but I've only seen 32 pokemon, when I need to see 35. Sigh. So we run east to a patch of grass to see if we can find more species. Unfortunately, I kill the Bidoof I meet first. This is only unfortunate, because the next one I meet is a Ponyta, which I would love to have. Oh well. This is also the area where I meet the trainer with three Zubats, because apparently I haven't had enough Zubat. Then I find myself looking at a wild Chingling. I never realized how cute Chingling was...just too bad.

In my search for meeting new pokemon, I run into a mountain climber trainer, who says to me: "See how Mt. Coronet towers over us? I wish to be that big someday." What? I'm not sure. However, in this area, which I consider to be a different area, it is separated by a bridge...I find a Ponyta. Aaaaaand YES. Caught. I almost ran out of Pokeballs, I should probably restock.

[BOX]<%Deinosaur> guys
<%Deinosaur> ponyta
<%Deinosaur> name
<%Deinosaur> ?
<+Kadew> Name it SCIENCE
<+Kadew> because then it can be SCIENCE unicorn
<+Kadew> which is from this old joke in my highschool chemistry lab book where somewhere on each lab I would draw a unicorn in goggles and a lab coat[/BOX]

So the Ponyta shall be called Science in rememberence of Kadew's high school days. After a quick visit on Cycling Road, we see our 35th pokemon, and we head back to meet up with Rowan's assistant to obtain the Exp. Share. This will make training up Science much easier! I'll try to spare you the bore that is training up Science on Cycling Road, as there were almost no interesting trainers. Science managed to take out a couple Starlys and the like, despite being very low leveled, but other than that, not much of interest. Although it is nice to see some of the trainers stuck with their completely useless Zubats until they got to a level where they could learn Wing Attack. That is true patience. On a somewhat related note, Science learned Ember, so he can do some damage of his own.

Something I realize as I go south and leave the Cycling Road, is I don't even remember which direction I'm supposed to go. I guess we'll see in a minute. I reach Dawn and recieve the Vs. Seeker and the Dowsing Machine to look for lost items. With the upcoming trainers and the mountain to pass through, Birkal finally sees some action. He hasn't left his pokeball since Gardenia. Of course, the only thing he can do is hit himself in his own confusion. Step it up Birkal, you're a super moderator. OH I FOUND A CHINGLING! Fucking Birkal crits it, and it goes down. THE ONE TIME BIRKAL. Here we meet the random guy with blue hair that I can't remember the name of! How exciting. On the other side of Coronet, we are first greeted by a mountain climber, who taunts me by saying I'm just a small boy. And while this may be true, he has no right to point it out, and Birkal promptly disposes of him. Not that Geodude is hard to KO anyways...

We finally push through to Hearthome City, and even though we can't battle the Gym Leader yet, we'll probably end up parking our update here. Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy the new format!

Grotle | Birkal | Level 24
-Razor Leaf

Geodude | rock | Level 23
-Rock Smash
-Rock Throw


Ponyta | Science | Level 19
-Tail Whip

Shinx | THOR | Level 6


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Chapter 5: Veilstone City

Welcome back to another ~exciting~ installment of my Diamond Nuzlocke Challenge! Recently I have been playing a lot of Battle Factory in the HGSS Frontier, which has sent me through a somewhat rage-induced phase of hatred for Pokemon. Anyways, I'm back now, and we can carry on in our adventure. When I last left off, we had just reached Hearthome City. Now we get to do all this worthless stuff in the city before we can move on. :) So we go to the Contest Hall and receive my snazzy lookin' tux, and begin to leave the city to the south. This is where I meet my rival, who I forgot I was supposed to battle here. He leads off with Starly and rock quickly takes care of her. For Roselia, I switch out to Science the Ponyta, who easily takes it out with Ember. Buizel, jeez he's got so many mons. I move back to Birkal to take the water attacks and KO with Razor Leaf. Here's my dilemma, however. How do I take out Monferno? I think his Mach Punch can deal a number to rock and Science, but I decide rock is my best choice. Rock handles the punches like a BAUSS and KOes with Magnitude 7. Noice.

Now we head east to whatever is over here, past the hiker. Sorry bud, I don't really need a Happiny for this run. :/ Meh. I'd really like a chair to put my feet up on, but I may have broken it after one of my Battle Factory runs....I'm not proud. The first mon I face is a really low leveled Bonsly, I wonder if I went the wrong way? In the grass, I can catch a wild Pokemon. I wonder what it is!! Aaaaaand Bibarel. -.- No. Anyways, I decide since the mons are pretty easy in this area, I'll get Science some training. This is where I meet some twins, ready for a double battle! WOOO. Easy win. After a few more easy wins, we move into Solaceon Town. We're just passing through, though.

We jump into the cafe looking to score some Moomoo Milk, but we are stopped by trainers itching for a battle. We face a Clefairy who seems to really enjoy using Follow Me in single battles...he's really determined to be the center of attention. OOOOOHHH more grass. I can catch a new friend. Unless its...Kricketune...come on. It seems the Pokemon have now suddenly jumped in level, from the mid teens to low 20's. I hope we make it through. Looks like I'll just avoid everybody! LOOOOL!!1!! Man, Pokemon is a lot easier when you don't have to battle people. I'm very wary of my mons and their health, don't want to be losing too many pokes this early. I just need to get out of the rain, as it makes things tougher for two of my friends here. But this is when I meet a FREAKING GYARADOS. Awwww man. Luckily, Birkal manages to stay alive and put him in his place. I'm starting to run low on Super Potions, but I think we're almost out of the war zone.

And finally we pull into Veilstone. It's time to challenge the electric gym. It looks like it is gonna be easy. And then I realize, Veilstone is a fighting gym. It looks like Birkal will get some more work in...forget equal training...I think Birkal might evolve by the end of this. I'll try to omit all the gym trainers and the puzzles. Ughhhh. OKAY after several minutes of boring battles, we finally move on to Gym Leader Maylene. Unfortunately, I realize my Pokemon cannot take on a Level 30 Lucario. It looks like I'll have to go training.



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I am the Champion of unfinished Let's Plays...but as you can see, I'm not really a writer. I think that I'll be going back to using screenshots.

So now, I'll be playing Pokemon Emerald on what is called a randomizer, which changes everything in the game, pretty much. I'll put up screenshots to make this more lively than my last Let's Play, so that'll start up soon!

P.S. this is the settings I'll be using:


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Pokemon Emerald Randomized!

Let's get started/

Prof Birch sends out Regice. This will be a great game.

My three starters are: Lotad, Oddish, and Squirtle.

I pick Lotad and I name him Keiran. He is a Water-type with Rain Dish! How nice. His moves are Crush Claw and Splash. I'm pretty pleasantly surprised. Once I beat May's little Oddish, I finally get to capture some pokemon of my own. In the tall grass, I run into a few Grumpigs, which were absolutely wrecking me, so I decided I'd catch one. And this is how Celeverr the Grumpig came to be. After a little training, I realized why Grumpig was killing me. At level 4, Celeverr had the same Special Attack stat as my level 11 Lotad...

DROUGHT Lombre. Keiran why are you so trolly...

My Lotad evolved into DROUGHT Lombre. GAAAAAH. Oh well. On to the Gym Leader.

She leads with Flareon, who I quickly get past with Celeverr, followed by a Fire-type Pichu, also no problem. And finally she sends out Misdreavus, who Grumpig again destroys with a good Meteor Mash. Yes, I should mention, Grumpig has some OP moves...

I win!

So after my first gym badge, my team is:

Thanks for reading! Updates will be soon. I promise. <3
Please posts any comments or requests, and Luvdisc the thread if you enjoy it!


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Pokemon Emerald Randomized!

After a long hibernation, the infamous Deinosaur is back with another not-so-anticipated installment of Pokemon Emerald Randomized! Unfortunately today's was a rather short one, but luckily it was because I'm incredibly lazy and I'm just now getting back into the swing of things.

After a long time of looking at certain threads, I felt it was time to bring back some Lets Play.

After beating the crap out of Roxanne with our wonderfully over leveled mons, we head north to save a man who is secretly in love with his young Wingull. I mean, there's a reason he's always chasing him through the house right? That's true love. Or a lawsuit.

This poor man has had the love of his life taken from him, and it's my job to get it back.

Now even with all the randomization in the world, the Team Aqua grunt still ends up with a Poochyena...smh. A quick METEOR MASH to the face ends his reign of terror and we return the Wingull with barely a scratch. With that, we head back down south to the house of naughty touching where Mr. and Mrs. Peeko live so that he can guide our ship to Dewford. There we touch down on the warm beaches and immediately head into a dark, cold cave.

I've made a horrible mistake...

Luckily, deep within this cave, I found myself a pokemon called Kangaskhan. (Gee I hope I spelt that right, no time for research!) It uses Luster Purge on me, so I decide to catch it. Jellicent decided he wanted to be the baby in the pouch (disturbing...), so I just named the Kangaskhan Jellicent.

This can only bring the team down...

Adamant nature is perfect for a special attacker! Jellicent continues to fall short of expectations.

So after meeting our new friend, we head to the Dewford gym to face off with the fearsome Brawly, wielder of...whatever the randomizer gives him.


I honestly have no real recollection of this battle other than Grumpig OHKO'd all three pokemon with Meteor Mash. OP OP OP ban plz.

Achievement get: 2/8

And that's all for this installment of Pokemon Emerald Randomized! I know it's a short one, and hopefully the next one will be coming soon! If you enjoy the thread please don't hesitate to leave a luvdisc and if you have any comments you can leave them below or send me a message! Deinosaur

Thanks for reading!


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Pokemon Emerald Randomized!

We're back with the quest for the third gym badge! We're headed off to Slateport to deliver the parts to Captain Stern.

He's a little camera shy. Cute couple though.

We beat up on the frequenters of the beach, they don't really need tans anyways. We head to the Museum where Stern quietly awaits our arrival.

Blending in. This is a top secret transaction.

The grunts run in to stop us, but Kangaskhan and his 5 PP of attacking moves quickly ends them. Jellicent is becoming pretty annoying to train up...Luster Purge is not really a good move for early game endeavors.

Seriously after every battle.

I'm not worried though, I hope I'll find something on Cycling Road underpass. Oddly enough, I run into a Combusken, and the best I can tell, its Rock type, and it is using ground moves on me. It seems really strong, so I decided I'd catch it an ironically name it after one of the weakest users in Orange Islands.

What a joke, he lost to Stellar in a speedrun.

Time to look at the typing and moveset. I don't really care about stats at this point.

The typing was much better than I thought it would be. I'm pleasantly surprised.

At the next level, Mekkah learns Meteor Mash, which is incredible STAB, especially this early into the game. I also teach it Flamethrower to make use of his rather large SpA stat. But after a few more levels, something odd happens for a Ground/Steel pokemon....


I didn't actually let it learn Hydro Cannon. I have no use for a move like that. I did, however, have to teach it Rock Smash because none of my other pokemon could learn it, and neither could the pokemon in the immediate area. And with that, we move to the Mauville gym leader Wattson, who should really be weilding Electric types, but he probably won't be...

I could have used these to keep my sister out of my room.


Combusken comes out and tears everyone up, which is pretty freakin ridiculous. I pretty well underestimated how much I would enjoy using Combusken. Unfortunately, Kangaskhan will pretty much be used as an extra mon in case I need some potions. *Sigh* I'm sorry Jellicent, it's for the best.

And that's all for this installment of Pokemon Emerald Randomized! Due to new breakthroughs in Orange Islands technology, I was able to broadcast this while I played real time. It was quite fun. Please leave a luvdisc if you enjoy the thread and if you have any comments or requests please leave me a message or comment in the thread.

Thanks for reading!​


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Pokemon Emerald Randomized!

After just beating the Mauville Gym Leader, I feel it's time to go get me a bike. YUS.

yo fuck you, da hood don't need nice shoes.

And I really like to ride around on the bike. Those who watched me stream this witnessed a series of "cool tricks" on the bicycle.

Roll up like "what up i got a big

I hope you all get that. Now we head north up through the Fiery Path and visit the old lady. I've always had trouble with her...she gets me to restore my pokemon much more than I need to.


Boys in their natural habitat.

I sneak past the trainer guarding the ash-covered grass (you can do that, boy am I smart!) and the first wild pokemon I see is Charizard. WOAH. That's awesome! I can tell it's Grass-type. And then, this happens:

That's right. Truant.

Well that's worthless. Let's keep walking. I manage to not take any more snapshots until we get to Meteor Falls. I've pretty much avoided every trainer to get here. I am so lazy...I hope this doesn't come back to bite me.

This poor man has been violated. They touched him and took his meteorite.

On the way out, I stumble upon an Ursaring. Always cool. But I notice some weird moves, and I catch it to investigate it's type. Luckily for GottaLoveMeloetta, it's his turn to be nicknamed.

There you go, buddy.

He's a wicked cool Bug/Ghost type.

He has very high Attack and Defense stats, which is helpful because both of his STABs are physical in 3rd gen. Now we can head up the cable car to the mountain on which Team Magma is moving forward with it's evil plans.

I'm allergic to this stuff...

We fight our way through the "tough" Magma grunts and up to leader Max. He's intimidating, I almost pee myself when he pulls out his first Pokemon.

Very intimidating, Team Magma.

That's the end of that. We brutally destroy Max and begin moving down the mountain to Lavaridge. I skipped every single trainer while doing bunny hops on my bike. A good day spent. Now into the gym we go! I don't think I even stopped at the Pokemon Center.

It's been great! Except, it's a little hot in here. Can you turn up the AC?

Having played Emerald before, I didn't battle any of the trainers because the puzzle is really easy. Sorry for being so good that it's boring, but I can't help it.

You ready?

Flannery's team, oddly enough, was all Bug type pokemon. Mekkah took all of them out with a Flamethrower from Lombre's Drought. Easy game. Easy game.

I'm not much good at counting. I think that's 4.

And that's all for this episode guys.

A rare picture of Deino "getting some."

Please leave a luvdisc if you enjoy the thread and if you have any comments or requests please leave me a message or comment in the thread. Thanks for all of the support! We finally have 20 luvdiscs. :D

am i the only one that thinks the creepy old woman watches you sleep

anyway awesome commentary + luvdisc
can i have a pokemon named after me too please
no bribery or anything ;)

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