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Delcatty is a Pokemon that doesn't see any serious competitive use on cartridge. It's easy to see why; its terrible stats, mediocre typing, and paltry movepool make it a lackluster cleric at best. So, it might surprise you to hear that in Battle-By-Post, this kitty's got some serious claws. Re-balanced stats, an amazing ability, and a new signature held item turn the once-meek Prim Pokemon into a vicious, explosive damage-dealer.

Pokemons' stats in BBP are adjusted on a scale designed to reduce the huge disparities present on cartridge. Thus, Delcatty's abysmal Attack stat becomes... well, still sub-par, but at least it's better than a wet paper towel. But then add on its signature Normalize ability, which grants a tremendous boost to the power of its Normal-Type attacks, and now Delcatty can put out enough damage to match some of the stronger Pokemon in BBP. We're not done yet, though -- once Delcatty holds the Moon Stone, a special item that (in BBP) further increases Normal-Type damage while preventing recoil, its damage output becomes truly cat-astrophic! Moves like Double-Edge and Giga Impact start to deal ridiculous damage under all of these boosts.

Delcatty's role as a brutish damage-dealer is rounded out with utility moves like Thunder Wave and Fake Out, as well as strong defensive abilities in Cute Charm and Wonder Skin. Furthermore, Burns that would normally cripple aggressive Pokemon are no threat to Delcatty, which can shrug them off with Heal Bell or use them to fuel its Facade. However, there's a catch: Delcatty's Normalize, the source of its power, has the drawback of turning all its attacks into Normal-Type moves. As a result Delcatty gets completely walled out by Steel and Rock-Type Pokemon which resist its Normal-Type moves. Ghost-Types opponents are the most troublesome of all, being completely immune to all of Delcatty's attacks! In these matchups, Delcatty has no choice but to turn tail and switch out for a teammate.

So there you have it! If you've ever wanted to use this kitty in a serious Pokemon battle, there's no better place to try it than here.
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You missed out on why Delcatty is never used on cartridge: vanilla Normalize is a downright horrendous Ability.
On the other hand, you should emphasize how Normalize in BBP is stupid strong, because it's Normalize + Moon Stone that makes Delcatty such a threat.
I'd also mention the Ghost-type matchup in the last paragraph.

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