Gen 3 Delibird (NU Revamp)


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NU is pretty void of viable Rapid Spin users, with the obvious exception of Hitmonchan. Luckily for Delibird, it's probably the next best option in the tier, thanks to its immunity to Spikes, its ability to beat Roselia and Cacturne, and the fact that Haunter cannot switch into it safely. Its stats—especially its defenses—are atrocious, and it relies entirely on its awesome offensive typing and Hustle to do much on the battlefield. Hitmonchan is going to be better for your team as a spinner almost every time, but Delibird is a fun alternative.

name: Rapid Spin
move 1: Rapid Spin
move 2: Aerial Ace
move 3: Ice Beam
move 4: Focus Punch / Toxic / Quick Attack
item: Leftovers
ability: Hustle
nature: Hasty
evs: 252 Atk / 4 SpA / 252 Spe

- Switch into Roselia with impunity and spin away its Spikes as its forced out from fear of Aerial Ace
- Ice Beam takes out Ground-types, Tangela, and Flying-types like Murkrow. Best damaging move for Sableye
- Focus Punch Delibird's strongest attack, but kind of hard to use properly. Good for situations when you think your opp is going to switch Roselia out into Mawile
- Toxic Delibird's overall best option for Sableye and other defensive mons like Relicanth
- Quick Attack lets Delibird pick off weakened attackers like Hitmonchan, Murkrow, and Raticate. Also safety net for Reversal users

- Hasty needed to not weaken any of Delibird's moves
- Hustle can force Rapid Spin and Focus Punch to miss, which can suck royally, making Vital Spirit ok but makes Delibird far weaker. Also you're using Delibird anyway, so the risk of Hustle is probably not consequential
- Choice Band an option to make Delibird actually threateningly strong, but Delibird likes to be able to switch moves thanks to its decent coverage and it already gets the KOes it really wants with Leftovers
- Needs something to take any attack from things that are faster, like CB attackers and special sweepers. Delibird only good against things that are slower than it

[Other Options]
- Blizzard
- Counter

[Checks and Counters]
- Sableye
- Relicanth
- Anything faster and decently strong

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