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This is an OU team I've been using for a long time and has gotten me lots of wins. Normally when I have a succesful team for a long time, I get bored and try to make something else. Unfortunately, I've been in a rather irritating team-building slump. So I just thought I'd pull out this decent team I had in the past, and try to fix it up and improve it. That's where you fine gentlemen/ladies come in. :pimp:

Team At A Glance:

Yes, it looks very pretty. And now, for the team in-depth:

Berial the Heatran
Modest | Flash Fire | Choice Specs
252 Special Attack, 252 Speed, 6 Defence
-Dragon Pulse
-Earth Power
-Hidden Power [Grass]

Heatran is so versatile, it's not even funny. This is meant to be an anti-lead, catching people off guard who think it's the standard Lead set. Berial here OHKO's standard Lead Occa Gross with Earth Power, Swampert with HP Grass, and so on. Overheat practically destroys anything not-named-Blissey that doesn't resist it. Dragon Pulse is mainly filler. This thing has been proved very useful to me in many battles and is probably the most useful anti-lead I've ever used.

Spyro the Salamence
Modest | Intimidate | Choice Specs
252 Special Attack, 252 Speed, 6 HP
-Draco Meteor
-Dragon Pulse
-Hydro Pump

Yes, moar specs. It's sad some people forgot about the usefulness of Specsmence. A modest max SpA +1 STAB Draco Meteor will crush & destroy anything that doesn't resist it, except Blissey. But we'll get to that little skank later on. I bring in Salamence when Heatran is in danger of being anally raped by a Super Effective move, then people switch expecting Mix or DD, and I hit them hard with Draco Meteor, or whatever else depending on how much I've seen of the opponent's team. Flamethrower and Hydro Pump is for coverage, and Dragon Pulse is for cleaning up late-game.

MUDKIPZ the Swampert
Relaxed | Torrent | Leftovers
252 HP, 252 Defence, 6 Attack
-Stealth Rock
-Ice Beam

DUZ U LIEK MUDKIPZ NAO? TEW BAD, BECUZ ITZ A SWAMPURT L0L0L. Anyway, this is the standard lead mixpert, only it's not my lead. I have a lot of choice users in this team, which means I'm going to be wanting to force switches, which is what this team has done in the past. Stealth Rock is for obvious reasons, Earthquake's there for STAB and some fire power and Ice Beam is mainly for Mence. Roar makes Swampy a useful phazer, since a lot of things will like to set up on me after my choice users make an attack. Swampy deals with SD Scizor and Cario, and Roars and Earthquakes them, respectively. Swampy also isn't KO'd by standard mix mence's D meteor if I recall correctly, and OHKO's back with Ice Beam.

Crimson the Scizor
Adamant | Technician | Choice Band
252 Attack, 248 HP, 10 HP
-Bullet Punch
-U Turn

Standard CB Scizor. Nothing much to say, really. Crimson is my answer to the infamous skank, Blissey, and gives my team a sexy priority move. Scarf Latias loves revenge killing my team, so I bring Crimson here in to pimp slap that bitch into oblivion with Pursuit. U-Turn is for scouting.

Giganto the Slaking
Adamant | Traunt | Choice Scarf
252 Attack, 252 Speed, 6 Defence
-Return / Shadow Claw
-Thunder Punch
-Ice Punch

Yes, Traunt sucks. But before you start dissin' mah dawg Giganto, ever take a look at his base stats? They're f#%!ing sexy. And since most Choice Scarf users are forced to switch after one move anyway, Slaking makes a great candidate for one. That monsterous base 160 Attack backs up his amazing type coverage and can screw a lot of teams up if they're not prepared. I'm still wondering about the first slot, though. Return gives me an insanely powerful move backed up by STAB, though Shadow Claw allows me to kill non-scarf Gengar and Scarf Rotom Appliances. This team is mainly for WiFi, so the Rotom Appliances won't be a problem. But LO Gengar can have fun with this team when you think about it, so I really don't know which one to pick. Also, he shuts up the "OMG OU SPAM NEWB" assholes who never cease to annoy me after I 6-0/5-0 them.

Hydra the Gyarados
Adamant | Intimidate | Leftovers
156 HP, 108 Attack, 100 Defence, 146 Speed
-Dragon Dance

Ye olde Bulky Gyara. I haven't tried the new one, but if you think it's better for the team, please say so. I find Bulky DD to be better than Offensive DD because a lot of my Choicers have problems with things that Gyara resists, so Bulky allows me to take those hits better and set up. Taunt may seem superior to Thunder Wave, but I've used it in place of Taunt and it took a lot of people by suprise, which in some cases turned the tide of the battle. Taunt does allow me to stop things like Cune and Skarm from phazing me, but my other party members tend to have them gone before I bring Hydra out.

So yeah, this is my team. Rate away.

Slaking isn't really as usefull as one would think in OU play.
I suggest replacing it with a revenge killer. The one I had in mind is Latias:

*Latias @ choice Scarf/ timid/ Levitate
4 HP, 252 SAtk, 252 Spe

- Draco Meteor
- Thunderbolt
- Trick
- Surf/ Hidden Power (fire)

--> One of the best revenge killers available. Moveset is pretty obvious. Draco Meteor deals tons of damage to everything not resisted to it. Thunderbolt is so you can outspeed and OHKO +1 DD-dos. Trick is to screw things over, most likely Blissey. Surf is just standard, but you could also go for Hidden Power (fire) because Scizor loves to switch in on poor Latias and KO with either Pursuit or U-turn.

You have no need of 4 choice users. I have a suggest for you that you should change Salamence in the unorthodox Fat Mence. This will be a great team healer, yet keep his uniqueness.

*Salamence @ leftovers/ timid/ intimidate
252 HP, 180 Def, 78 Spe

- Toxic
- Flamethrower/ Dragon Pulse/ Draco Meteor
- Wish/ Roost
- Protect/ Draco Meteor

--> Although Dragonite has superiour defenses, Salamence has Intimidate and access to Wish. Now you can Toxic Mence's switch-ins (mostly Swampert), and get out of there. Flamethrower is for those immune to Toxic. Wish is for team support, to keep them healthy. Or you can Roost instead if you want an extra moveslot for Draco Meteor. This Salamence could survive a Banded Weaville Ice Shard withou Intimidate!

On Gyarados Taunt is superiour over ThunderWave. I also suggest replacing Earthquake with Stone Edge so you couldn't be set-up bait for DD-mence and DD-dos.

Hope I helped!
Hello. Solid team, but there are some things that could be fixed in order to make the team work better.

First of all, Heatran isnt that good of an anti lead. Normal Heatran already beats Azelf, Swampert (with HP Grass over Explosion), Metagross, Jirachi, and such, so using Specs Tran as a lead isnt really that productive as using it normal would be. My suggestion is shifting your Heatran lead set to the standard Shuca Tran lead. This will let you counter the things you want to, while getting up Stealth Rock with ease, and not only that, but you now have a free slot to use since Swampert isnt really needed. The set is 252 SAtk, 252 Speed, 4 HP, with Shuca Berry as the item, and Fire blast, SR, Earth Power, Explosion/HP Grass as the moves. Explosion is the oh shit button in case blissey or snorlax appear, while HP Grass is a swift 2HKO on Swamperts and on most waters. With Swampert not really needed at all, something more benefical will take its spot.

In its place, Starmie looks like an excellent partner for this team. Why? Offers excelent special power, excellent speed, can spin rocks that your team hates, and is an all around good pokemon.
Set is:

Starmie @ Life Orb
252 Speed/252 SAtk/4 HP
- Surf / Hydro Pump
- Thunderbolt
- Ice Beam
- Rapid Spin

This is an excellent all around pokemon, the only thing to take into account is that Hydro Pump hits way harder than Surf, but those misses can prove crucial in some different points of a game.

Slaking is a horrible pokemon since it becomes insane set-up fodder, and even more with a Choice item. On its place, I recommend you to have a Scarfed Jirachi, since its basically the same as Slaking, just that now you can flinch pokes, you can also take hits thanks to amazing resistances, and the movepool is basically the same, while not becoming such insane fodder.
Set is:

Jirachi @ Choice Scarf
252 Atk/252 Speed/4 HP
- Iron Head
- Ice Punch / U-Turn
- Thunder Punch / U-Turn
- Fire Punch

Very good revenge killer. Deal here is: U-Turn lets you scout, which is always nice to have, BUT, you are insanely weak to Gyarados, so Thunderpunch may be the best option, specially since your Jirachi outspeeds +1 ones and some +2 ones. Ice Punch could also be replaced for U-Turn, since you have mence nicely covered by CB Scizor, but its always an option.
Fire Punch is coverage, while Iron Head is the main STAB.

Last but not least, Mence set. Do not try to go ahead and use Fatmence, that set wont help you at all. On the opposite, having something like Mixmence will let you trouble most teams and also hit hard as fuck. Classic Mixmence works amazingly, which is 252 Speed, 252 SAtk and 4 Atk, with a Naive nature, Life Orb, and Draco Meteor, Brick Break, Roost and Fire Blast as the moves. Fire Blast OHKOs basically every steel out there, while Brick Break hits Blissey and Heatran, Draco Meteor is insane STAB that OHKOs most things that dont resist it. Roost is excellent for tanking attacks, and lets you counter things like Scarf Tran and other locked dudes.

I was forgetting, on Gyarados, use Stone Edge over Earthquake, and use Taunt. Thunderwave isnt helping you against walls, and Taunt is mainly to evade phazing, which gets annoying to Bulky Gyarados.

Aaaand Scizor. Try using at least 20 Speed EVs, since it will let you win the speed ties against annoying Scizors who may want to outspeed you. You can take them from attack or HP, its a minor change since its only 12 EVs.


Change Specs Tran Lead with Shuca Heatran lead.
Change Salamence with Classic Mixmence.
Remove Slaking and use a Scarfed Jirachi on its place.
Bye bye to Swampert and use LO Starmie instead.
Gyarados will use Stone Edge and Taunt over Earthquake and T-wave.
Scizor with 20 Speed EVs.

Thats basically all I can add, good luck with your team!

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