Gen 3 Diglett (WIP) (NU)

- Diglett is an extremely metagame defining and unique Pokemon in NU because of its ability, Arena Trap, which allows it to trap and remove many key threats in the tier, including Flareon, Pikachu, Pupitar, and weakened Hitmonchan, Sableye, and many others. It possesses a great speed tier, making it one of the best revenge killers available, and has good coverage and just enough offensive power to get the job done. However, Diglett has almost no defensive utility at all, making it difficult to directly switch into things it would want to trap.

name: Trapper
move 1: Earthquake
move 2: Rock Slide
move 3: Sludge Bomb
move 4: Double Edge / Toxic
item: Choice Band
ability: Arena Trap
nature: Jolly
evs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe

- Arena Trap is what sets Diglett apart from the other Ground-types in the tier that are more bulky and powerful, allowing it to strategically remove many Pokemon in the tier.
- Diglett's only job is to trap and remove the opponent's Pokemon. Therefore, EV's are placed fully into Attack and Speed to make it as fast and powerful as possible.
- Earthquake + Rock Slide provide EdgeQuake coverage that lets it hit the Flying-types that it cannot trap with its ability.
- Sludge Bomb provides a way for Diglett to damage Grass-types such as Tangela and Bellossm, thought both need to be significantly weakened before attempting to be trapped, and Sunny Day cannot be in effect.
- Double Edge provides good powerful neutral coverage that can help clean up at the end of the game, given that there are no Ghost-types remaining on the opponent's side.
- Toxic can be used to poison things that would normally switch out to avoid a Toxic, such as Sableye or Lickitung.
- Hidden Power Bug can be used over Sludge Bomb for more consistent damage to Chimecho, but hits Grass-types for significantly less damage.


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sludge bomb is better than hp bug. The main thing you're trying to trap for which EQ is not the correct move is Bellossom and Tangela, against which Sludge Bomb does much more damage. Higher damage output against Chimecho isn't important because you don't trap it anyway.

As for the last move, Toxic is ok, but you could also go with a generic damage output move like Double Edge, with which Diglett could in the right circumstances clean late game (after it has already removed their rock/steel with EQ!) if they have no Ghost.


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Agree with Sludge Bomb and D-E. D-E is good for a late-game scenario where the opponent has like a low health Chimecho and Whiscash left, making the other moves unable to sweep.

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