Discipline Appeal Rules

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Posting inappropriate appeals may result in an infraction. Read all of the rules below before posting any appeal.


  • Only appeal permalocks and global bans here. Permabans are not appealable as they are only given for the most egregious offenses.
  • For room-specific infractions (warns, mutes, roombans, blacklists), use /roomauth roomname to locate room staff and contact them. Names in bold are online. Room Owners are the final authority in their rooms.
  • Don't post an appeal if you yourself were punished for linking a shock or porn site. We won't unban you, but the punishment will go away in around a week.
  • If you are locked under a username you do not recognize, please click this link to submit an Appeal Ticket on Showdown or type /appeal in any chatroom (such as Lobby) and click the applicable button under "I'm locked under a name or IP I don't recognize".
  • If you are locked, weeklocked, or namelocked, submit an Appeal Ticket on Showdown or type /appeal in any chatroom (such as Lobby).
  • As a disclaimer, you're responsible for everything on your account and IP. We reserve the right to not unban you early for activity on either. Keep your username secure; we will not unban you because your brother got on your account and did something stupid, for example. The same goes for shared alts.
  • If you are permalocked continue reading. Permalocks are usually for repeated incidents of poor behavior over an extended period of time, and rarely for a single severe infraction. You can only appeal permalocks after 3 months have passed without incident. If you appeal before 3 months have passed, your appeal will be denied without question. If you were permalocked for sexual offenses, you may only appeal after 6 months have passed. If this is your second permalock, you may only appeal after 6 months have passed.

If you are using the Discipline Appeals forum, follow the following format:
  • The username you were using when you were permalocked or globally banned.
  • A description of why you feel that your punishment is unfair, or why you should be given another chance. Include any screenshots if relevant.
Troll posts are subject to deletion. Additionally, we reserve the right to deny one-sentence posts and appeals that fail to follow the directions above and/or ask for further clarification. Please be as detailed as possible!

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