Djura's RNG services (soft opening)

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You can either:

  1. Send me a NA or JPN region save using homebrew or CFW (no Powersaves) and I'll do it for you
  2. Request normally and I'll see if it's within my power to obtain it
Do you do trades, my homebrew data can't be manipulated somehow.

Edit: There might have been an error in setting up homebrew
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Hey dude. Very familiar with your work. Your reputation precedes you. Would you happen to have any of the following or a means to obtain them? Matching balls and maximum possible IV combinations assumed:

Shiny Modest Giratina with Defog

Shiny Impish Giratina with Defog

Shiny Careful Groudon with Stealth Rock & Fire Punch

Shiny Timid Palkia with Heal Block

Shiny Bold Kyogre

Shiny Modest Kyogre

I can offer anything from the sheet in my sig - my collection of self RNG legends and TMM bred shinies from gen 6 & 7. All with proof.

Edit: oh and another:

HA Naive Landorus with Stealth Rock & Knock Off
^^FYI - hopefully this will mean less playthroughs :)
Hey, I’m doing my dream team shiny thing, and I need a parent for my Gengar. Would you be willing to give a Gengar (5IV, timid, missing Attack) For a 5IV missing Attack HA 4 egg move modest skrelp? Thanks
Hello. May I request for an Adamant shiny Scyther in Sports Ball, native in either HG or SS?? I can give a lot of breedables and some shinies i hatched myself.
Hi! I'm interested in custom shiny legendary RNGs, if you're taking requests.

In return, I've got the following breedables and event codes to offer:
  • Any DBHA Breedable of your choice
  • Any Safari Ball HA Breedable of your choice
  • NA Shiny Zygarde Codes
  • 1 Fuura City Lugia Code, obtained from a friend in Japan
Thanks for your time.
Hey there! I have 3 NA codes: 1 LL, 1 TT and 1KG. Would you be willing to redeem them for me with the desired natures and spreads on a (ultra) moon file so I can get a Latios, Tornadus, and a Groudon? Let me know if that'd work and what you'd want in return for it. Thanks in advance!!!
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