Tournament DLWC I - Pools [Tiebreaker @ 252]

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7th/8th Seed Tiebreaker

[BAN] (5) TheUzigunner vs. Unowndragon (9) [CHN]
[BAN] (3) Kaif vs. Smatte (7) [EUR]
[BAN] (4) feen vs. Luirromen (1) [LAT]
[BAN] (2) Calambrito vs. KingofKrook (8) [USM]
[CHN] (4) Sakura&Seele vs. Mada (4) [EUR]
[CHN] (3) July Rain vs. ZDen (3) [LAT]
[CHN] (1) burstbean vs. SoggyDoggySage (7) [USM]
[EUR] (1) ZebstrikemDown vs. Mister McLovin (6) [LAT]
[EUR] (2) SlickPanther vs. avarice (4) [USM]
[LAT] (10) MrBanana21 vs. abriel (2) [USM]

1st Seed Tiebreaker

[USN] (R) Star vs Lucas2543 (R) [OCN]

The deadline to get your tiebreakers done is Sunday, May 12th at 11:59 PM GMT -4.
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