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RNG Tutoring Service

By: imapedarsag

Ok, we were all beginners at one point. I'm here to teach people, new and old,
how to catch these flawless Pokemon that seem too heavenly to be possible.

So what do you get? Well, basically, you will be able to catch or breed

Pokemon with perfect IVs, nature, and probably shinyness in either 5th or 4th gen. From
there you can make your own trade thread and trade for even more
flawless Pokemon.

What are the costs? Sorry, but I have to get some reward. All I ask is 5

Pokemon that you RNG, or 5 credits if you make a trade thread. Also, I am
hoping that after I teach you how to RNG, you will be willing to do some
projects for me for 2 credits a piece.

Alright, if you read this far, then you must be somewhat interested. If you

want to sign up for this service, just post below and we will arrange
sessions. Lastly, I just want to mention my trade thread is kind of
closed. What I mean by that is I will be opening a new one soon with huge
updates. Thanks for looking, and I hope I can help you soon!


+DS Lite or DS Phat

+Pokemon Black/White or DPPtHGSS
+WiFi Connection

Times Available

Mon-Thur: 1 pm-11am

Fri: 1 pm-7pm, 10pm-1am
Sat: rarely available
Sun: 12pm-11am
GMT -8

Of course these times vary every now and then. Saturdays require prior


Current Tutees:

  1. Madarame
  2. pimpgangster
  3. Cuburt007



Obsessive Collecting Disorder
No offence but other people help the members here on how to RNG for free...
He's right. No offence either, but I've lost count of how many people I learned how to RNG abuse on both 4th and 5th gen.
Pointless as some of us here help others already. Besides, I think WZ is making guides for specific stuff like Safari abuse, etc.
For some people, the guide isn't as clear cut as it is for you guys. I know there were times that nobody helped me and the guide didn't explain it either. It would have been the stupidest thing as well. Also, some people aren't very comfortable asking for questions in the RNG help thread or they never receive an answer. I can't tell you how many times that happened to me when I was learning.

Bottom line, if you think it is useless then don't post and let this thread die. Or, if you want to learn how to RNG, I made a service to teach you from the beginning.

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