Double Dash! A Smogon Doubles Event!

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Confirming that, not sure which way it would've gone without that, given it was fairly even up to that point. Sorry for the bad game. :<

It would be nice to see the top-cut get extended though, hoping we can get 6 more people in with the few days remaining. :>
I'd love a bigger Top Cut. We have a few IRC members *cough*Eggy*cough* who haven't entered, but we could get more support by inviting folks to play more games.


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Since we have a small pool of participants, we will accept new participants until the deadline for the final matches of the Round Robin pre-playoff (shouldn't be hard for new participants to find 5+ games within 1-6 days if srs). If we hit 24 participants (currently 20), then we can bump the top cut to top 8.

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Final deadline coming up... play games while you still can ( I doubt we'll get top 8 cut u_u)
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