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Lets keep our secrets dirty
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Doubles Draft League is a project fespy and I started a couple weeks ago on discord with the hope of gathering people and having a fun league as a sort of a send off for the Gen 7 Doubles Meta, a majority of the tournament will be held in this discord server with updates being posted in this thread. The rules of the league are as follows:

  • A snake style draft with standard DOU banlist with the exception of kommonium being banned
  • Each team will draft 12 Pokemon
  • 7-week, round robin regular season
  • Battles are bo1
  • Inter-team trades are allowed, and limited to 2 in the first half of the season only
  • Free agent trades are allowed, and limited to 3 in the first half of the season only
  • Alternate forms with competitive differences are considered different Pokemon for drafting purposes Megas and non-megas are considered different Pokemon as well, and Megas must hold the mega stone, but they can mega whenever they choose during the battle
  • Roster is locked for the week starting at 12am Monday (GMT -4)
  • Weeks will be 12 AM Monday - 11:59 PM Sunday

Now let's get to the teams

Memoric and Human - :tapu koko:* :politoed::gothitelle::scrafty::Stakataka:* :togedemaru::lurantis::kingdra:* :blastoise mega::kommo-o::gothorita::dewgong:

Amaranth and qsns - :Landorus-Therian:* :genesect::amoonguss::gardevoir mega::suicune::victini:* :tyranitar::azumarill::Buzzwole::Gyarados::naganadel:* :metagross:

Mishimono and Nido-Rus - :incineroar::tyranitar mega::kartana:* :venusaur mega::porygon2::blastoise::sylveon::excadrill:* :latias::landorus::braviary::thundurus-therian:*

Demantoid and Mizuhime - :metagross mega::kyurem-black::volcanion::bronzong:* :hoopa-unbound::thundurus:* :abomasnow mega::hariyama::porygon-z:* :araquanid::smeargle::clefairy:

Sunrose and KyleCole - :tapu fini::manectric mega::mew:* :volcarona:* :celesteela::krookodile::tsareena::pheromosa:* :Nihilego::Diancie Mega::Jellicent::Persian Alola:

Z strats and fespy - :Charizard Mega Y::Cresselia::heatran::hitmontop::whimsicott::terrakion:* :Garchomp:* :Hydreigon::ferrothorn::slurpuff::Blacephalon::victreebel:*

Lunar. and Yellow Paint - :tapu lele::salamence mega::aegislash:* :deoxys-attack:* :arcanine::Swampert Mega::Pelipper::mimikyu:* :zeraora::breloom::togekiss::mamoswine:

AuraRayquaza and marilli - :tapu bulu::zygarde:* :diancie::zapdos:* :camerupt mega::gastrodon::scizor mega::Ninetales Alola::chansey::Shaymin-sky::torracat::musharna:*

* on the right side of a Pokemon indicates it's one of the 3 Pokemon the managers have chosen to be eligible to use a z-move for example tin and qsns have chosen Landorus-t, Victini and Naganadel:

So those are the teams. Who do you think has the most interesting strategies going in? Who drafted the wildest team not name memo and human ? What pokemon are you surprised not to see drafted? Which are you surprised got drafted? Will you follow along and actually care for any of the teams in this league?
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Lets keep our secrets dirty
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Week 1

Auraray and Marilli vs Sunrose and KyleCole
Tin and qsns vs Lunar and Yellow Paint
Demantoid and Mizu vs Memoric and Human
z strats and Fespy vs Mishi and Nido

Week 2

Auraray and Marilli vs Tin and qsns
Demantoid and Mizu vs Sunrose and KyleCole
z strats and Fespy vs Lunar and Yellow Paint
Mishi and Nidorus vs Memoric and Human

Week 3

Auraray and Marilli vs Demantoid and Mizu
z strats and Fespy vs Tin and qsns
Mishi and Nidorus vs Sunrose and KyleCole
Memoric and Human vs Lunar and Yellow Paint

Week 4

Auraray and Marilli vs z strats and Fespy
Mishi and Nidorus vs Demantoid and Mizu
Memoric and human vs Tin and qsns
Lunar and Yellow Paint vs Sunrose and KyleCole

Week 5

Auraray and Marilli vs Mishi and Nidorus
Memoric and Human vs z strats and Fespy
Lunar and Yellow Paint vs Demantoid and Mizu
Sunrose and KyleCole vs Tin and qsns

Week 6

Auraray and Marilli vs Memoric and Human
Lunar and Yellow Paint vs Mishi and Nidorus
Sunrose and Kylecole vs z strats and Fespy
Tin and qsns vs Demantoid and Mizu

Week 7

Auraray and Marilli vs Lunar and Yellow Paint
Sunrose and Kyle Cole vs Memoric and Human
Tin and qsns vs Mishi and Nidorus
Demantoid and Mizu vs z strats and Fespy
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i didn't have time to write full power rankings and i lost the semi-draft i saved but i'll just say that kyle and sunrose look like they spent the first 6 rounds drafting an almost perfect manefini core just so they could spend the rest of the draft picking the pokemon they would most like to be stepped on by


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What is a team tour without team logos? Not very good, I think. For that reason I have spent my precious time crafting personalised logos for each team in the league, which you can find below in this post. These logos are more funny than seriously good, and are based around the team's name and characteristics of the players on the team. Each team's name is part of the logo, and for the most part is a similar colour to their role in the Discord server. Each logo will be shown below with a thumbnail clickable to see the full image, with some thoughts explaining it underneath. Without further ado, please enjoy.

ralts (Z strats and fespy)
This logo is quite simple and lackluster, just like the users it was made for. Totally not because I didn't have any good ideas for this one. Simple yet powerful, this logo is quite fitting for the team mascot. ralts

calling activity (AuraRayquaza and marilli)
From this point on you'll see parts of the logo based around the people on the team. Here we have Aron representing Aurarayquaza, as it's his long-time profile picture on Smogon. Marill is Marilli's namesake, and the mouth is a 'w' so with the eyes the face looks a bit like 'owo', a common cutesy weeb phrase Marilli is quite characteristic of saying. The clock on Aron is obviously for checking the time for when to call act.

:3 (Lunar. and Yellow Paint)
As I'm sure you can guess, this logo contains the moon because Lunar. and yellow paint because Yellow Paint. Vulpix-A is Lunar's Discord profile picture, and I find the idea of it painting the moon quite cute. It's also nice to have for showing that the yellow :3 was painted, because I didn't really know how how to make it look like paint otherwise.

Demizutoid (Demantoid and Mizuhime)
Demantoid is a big fan of (Shiny) Mega Sableye, as you can see from his Smogon profile picture. Mizuhime, if my sources at Google translate are correct, means "Water Princess" in Japanese. Combine these, and you get a Shiny Mega Sableye holding a blue crystal (Sapphire Aquamarine, perhaps?) with a tiara.

Blackthorn City Ben Shapiros (Sunrose and KyleCole)
Ben Shapiro had to be in this logo and that's a fact. The logic of using a Sonic logo template is it just popped into my head and seemed neat. Ben is holding what I like to call a sunroserose, which is a rose with the flower of a sunrose copied over it to represent the user of the same name. A long time ago in a Canadian igloo far, far away, KyleCole used to regularly make DOU videos on Youtube. During this time, his channel mascot, IIRC, was a Togekiss. So I added that to replace the regular wings on the logo to represent the best Poketuber of all time. Click the ads!

Final Gambit Esports (Amaranth/TheIdiotNinja and qsns)
Breaking down the team name, I thought Final Gambit = Kamikaze, Esports = Gamer and went from there. Mario is a game character and Italian just like TIN so I went with him as the gamer of choice. I went with angry mario because Gamers are always mad at minorities or something else. Slap on a Kamikaze headband (it says Kamikaze in Japanese on it) and a gaming headset to emphasise Mario as being an Esports gamer and you reach the end product. There was nothing specifically quickscopenoscope about this, but him being a weeb and gamer are already covered, and if you really want then you can imagine Mario is noscoping some 12 year olds in Call of Duty.

Team Mish (Mishimono and Nido-Rus)
What do you get if you cross Azumarill with Calvin? A very disturbing image. Nido-Rus's profile picture is skinny Garfield and Mishimono's is Azumarill, so naturally I decided to make the crossover no-one asked for. Hobbes's pose shows the appropriate response to seeing this image.

one sec making breakfast (Memoric and Human)
Human is a pretty basic trait and Memoric as a name didn't really give me anything so I struggled with this team for a while. Then I realised he has another name I can use: Glennnnnnnnnn. In a stroke of genius (or more likely madness) I realised this could be turned into Glennn10. And before anyone says, I know his real name is Glenn, Glennn is just funnier. I combined this with the team name setting up a kitchen locale and added Shadow Tag waifu due to Human's desire to bang othitelle. The result? A lovely family scene which is a crossover I guarantee no-one ever expected to see.
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