Doubles Event Listing

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Doubles Event Listing

With all the recent activity going on in the Doubles Forum, it's often hard to keep track of what's going on. Sometimes there are even so many activities
running concurrently that none of them get much attention! That's why this thread exists. If you want to host a minitour or event, please start a conversation with the Doubles Mods (quick link); tell us what the event is about, and any special rules it may have. Note that the list below pertains only to battling-related events. For things like Doubles Pokemon Comparison or other discussions, it's only necessary to tell us if you want to offer Leaderboard points for it.

Below are events queued to occur:
Event name / Host / Date
(Minitour) #6 / nyttyn / Now
Doubles Research Week #2 / Level 51 / After Doubles Ladder Conquest and Doubles Ladder Challenges end

Below are events which are currently taking place:
Event name / Host / Progression
Doubles Ladder Challenges / Laga / Series 2, Round 2
Doubles Ladder Conquest / Nollan / Round 1
Doubles Dash 2 / Level 51, Pocket, Braverius / Dash Round

Below are events which are already over:
Event name / Host / Winner

(Minitour) #5 - Everything is Better in Doubles / Level 51 / breh
Doubles Research Week 1 / Level 51 / Audiosurfer
Doubles Conquest / Celever / Pwnemon
(Minitour) #4 - Doubles Ubers / Audiosurfer / Laga
Double Dash / BlankZero / Laga (qualifiers), Nollan (playoffs)
(Minitour) #3 - Doubles UU / Audiosurfer / Pocket
Doubles Ladder Challenges / Audiosurfer / Aquasition (r1), Venser (r2), Nollan (r3), Nollan (overall)
(Minitour) #2 - BARN ALL / Level 51 / Mizuhime
Double (Doubloons) Conquest / voodoo pimp / Pwnemon (r1), Pocket (r2)

(Minitour) #1 - Standard Doubles / NixHex / BlankZero

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