Tournament Doubles Ladder Tournament 2 - Won by SableyeMyBae


bEeN NiKe FrEsH™ BoI
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The opposing Zapdos used Metal Sound!
Landorus's Special Defense fell harshly!

The opposing Tapu Fini used Muddy Water!
It's super effective on Landorus! A critical hit on Landorus! Landorus lost 100% of its health!
It's super effective on Charizard! Charizard lost 20% of its health!

^was anyone else mildly aroused by this


**hypnotic recorder plays in background**
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Waited an hour for pigeons and he didn't show. I'll probably be around tomorrow but posting in case I end up being busy
edit: was nice and let him play, got rewarded with hax out of my ass
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don't trust a song this flawless
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