Metagame Doubles Little Cup

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What is Doubles LC?

Exactly what it sounds like! It's Little Cup in the doubles format, only with a different banlist than in singles LC. It's a largely unexplored metagame that plays pretty differently to normal LC and DOU with only a few players.

Where can I play it?

The best place to play Doubles LC is on Pokemon Showdown, using the Doubles OU format and adhering to the banlist (Which includes setting your Pokemon to level 5.) We also have a Discord Server for finding matches and metagame discussion.

What's banned?

- The move Swagger is banned in Doubles LC
- Cutiefly, Scyther, Sneasel, Swirlix, Tangela and Vulpix-Alola are banned
- Dynamax is banned
- Drought is banned

Dynamax Clause and Sleep Clause are ON.

Some topics for discussion:
  • What currently shapes the metagame? Are there any big threats that need to be addressed?
  • What kind of teams are fun and effective? What playstyles have potential (Trick Room, weather) and what playstyles don't (stall)
Current Council:
(Tier Leader)
anime sans
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Cutiefly has been Banned from Gen 8 Doubles LC

Following the first 2 weeks of LPL, council has found Cutiefly to be broken. This is due largely in part to the combination of Quiver Dance and Baton pass, allowing for virtually any special attacker to sweep with just one passed boost. Cutiefly's fairy typing is also very strong in the current meta, with there being very few fairy resists. Niche sets such as screens and the inclusion of stun spore have also been used to much success. Cutiefly was deemed as broken by council and is banned.
Anime Sans - Ban
lalden - Ban
voltix31 - Ban
jcbc - Ban
Scyther and Tangela have been banned from SS Doubles LC

Scyther's BST total is the same as its evolution. This, combined with access to what is essentially a 120bp STAB move with Dual Wingbeat, makes Scyther too much for Doubles LC. Tangela has access to a combination of incredible physical bulk, high special attack, and sweeper capabilities thanks to Chlorophyll.

anime sans Ban Both
jcbc Ban Both
lalden Ban Both
Luisin Ban Both
voltix31 Ban Both
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Drought has been banned from SS Doubles LC & Sleep Clause has been activated

Our latest council vote has been completed. But before announcing the results I would like to welcome Nurul as the latest addition to the council. Drought, and Sleep Clause were on the spotlight for this voting. A 4/6 majority is required for a council ban, and any of the following stuff banned in this voting is subject to be retested in the future.
Here are the results!


Sleep spam was a real problem with pokemons like Foongus and Bulbasaur under sun being able to spread the status easily, leaving Vullaby as the only effective sleep check.
On the other hand, Sun has always been a strong part of the metagame, but with the addition of pokemon like Bulbasaur, which puts to sleep the best sun counters and the lack of solid answers to such a strong fire spam, Sun has become an unhealthy force. Being the only weather has not help either, as they don´t face a weather war against Hail and Aurora Veil anymore.
The council will be seeing how the metagame develops, and what new pokemon we get in the second DLC, in order to determinate if we can unban Drought in a future, but for now the ability Drought is banned from the SS Doubles LC tier.

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