DOU Doubles Majors - Stage 1 (Pools)

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Since my last post, all the users tagged for activity have been active except from Natheljesus and NicolásRon, who will now be subbed out and replaced by randomly picked players from the subs list:

AuraRayquaza will replace Natheljesus in Incineroar Pool, tagging Actuarily InkVGC RelicanthPrimal Lemurro.
Itchyy will replace NicolásRon in Diancie Pool, tagging SMB Loudwinner SingleThunder Mack Knife.
There shouldn't be any further substitutions, sorry to all the people who signed up but didn't get in.

hi, my opponent pannuracotta wasn't online at the time we scheduled in my smogon wall and as of now still hasn't been online. may i request an activity decision?
waited 35 mins and Enozana no show for our scheduled time. requesting activity decision
Due to the 3 week period it's too soon to give an activity win for a single missed time so try to reschedule, these will be noted incase of a future decision being required though.
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