Doubles OU Aesthetic Thread

Level 51

still photos and noisy arcades
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Level 51 what happened to the likes spreadsheet?!
You thought I forgot! Fool, there is no forgetting with Level 51. Except when it comes to Saturday afternoon match timings.

Here's the final state of the Likes Leaderboard. It's updated to just before talkingtree made this shoutout post in the Finals thread, so any future likes you give or posts you make won't affect your standing. Only the threads which everyone could post in (meme thread and weeks) were included, since it'd be a little unfair otherwise. In total, 2,303 likes were given out in these 8 threads, which is a little disappointing but hey, we're not a huge community, this is alright.

Congratulations to BlueSkiddo for earning a total of 131 likes from shitposting over the course of this tournament (I guess we know who really won), with Arcticblast my ass, kamikaze my ass, me (has a nice ass), and Kaori (who is ass) also earning above 100 likes each.

Hope everyone enjoyed DPL!

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