Doubles OU Suspect Test 3 - Voter Identification Thread

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Confirming as babeXXX. Nearly didn't make it. Had a bad day yesterday and dropped ~10 games, so it really came down to the wire.

edit: proof I own the account in question

Also this might not matter to most people, but this was a big accomplishment for me. One of my first goals on Smogon was to get good enough to vote in a suspect but since I stopped playing OU and switched to VGC I was never able to accomplish that. But now I've done it in DOU and I'm just really proud of myself.
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With exams only recently finished, AND with a lot of projects such as my thesis, ballroom dance routine for school, and data analysis for another thing in between stressing me out, AND with my internet as slow as a snail lately, AND with every ladderer deciding that this is the dash my hopes with luck, I'm surprised I don't have a worse record considering im tilted af. Not a good look but we'll take it hmmm.

thanks to talkingtree for the team I used for half of my laddering, sd zor was litty
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